Lesser known gambling facts

Casinos and gambling evolve very fast, and even if we belong to the casino world and consider ourselves well informed, there are some facts we might ignore. This article will cover some of those.

We have all heard those fantastic stories that range from someone who won $20 million playing slots, to personal hygiene issues where people use diapers to continue playing for longer. Let us look at other interesting facts from the gambling world.

Atomic Bomb Parties in Vegas

Back in the 1950s, atomic bombs were tested as close as 65 miles away from Las Vegas. These detonations were from the responsibility of the Department of Energy, and the spectacle was said to turn night into day.

Over one thousand nuclear bombs, we detonated leaving the typical nuclear mushroom clouds visible from the casinos. Casino owners saw that as a marketing opportunity, and have even advertised the time when detonations would happen.

They called it Atomic Bomb Parties, and along with this theme were specially conceived effect atomic cocktails, available at the local bars, as well as a Miss Atomic Energy event happened at the casino wearing outfits of mushroom clouds.

Looking back, we know that this was insane and that carried an enormous health risk, but ignorance at the time led to the situation that remains now as gambling curiosity. So is the area 100% safe now? According to the state of NV “Because the Nuclear Test Site was used for both atmospheric and underground nuclear testing, the Department of Energy has stated that it is not possible to fully define the level of residual contamination that remains from the atmospheric testing program …” For the ultra-paranoid, you may want to check out some USA online casinos.

The very first slot machine

Did you know that the very first slot machine appeared in 1895 and was invented by a mechanic Charles Fey was his name? The goal of its creation was to entertain his customers while they were waiting for their cars to be ready.

It was called the Liberty Bell and made so much success that casinos started buying them to entertain the customers that were waiting for table games. Meanwhile, they have renamed slot machines and have developed to the point we now see, many times even considered as the main attraction for many gamblers.

Something curious about Monaco

In the 19th century Princess Caroline decided that Monaco citizens could not gamble in the casino, she made that illegal. The reasons for this decision were that she wanted the revenues to come exclusively from foreign citizens in order to generate wealth for the locals.

So, even if Monaco is actually a gambling paradise, this doesn’t happen Monaco citizens. Not everything is bad news though. As casinos are doing so well, citizens of Monaco do not pay taxes, as the casino revenues cover that.

The legend of the Sandwich

There is a legend that back in 1765 there was a man called John Montagy, also known as the fourth Earl of Sandwich. John was a big gambler, he loved to play so much that he did not even want to stop playing to eat.

For this reason, John asked his servants to bring him sliced bread and meat so that he could continue to play. This is how the sandwich was born, right at the casino table. I reality we do not know if this is a true story or not, but it is certainly an engaging one.

Nothing like finishing with a fact that we should take into consideration when entering a casino. It is legal to count cards, but we can be kicked out if we do it. As it is something easy to do, many are the ones who try it, but if we are not discrete in the way we do it, we can get thrown out. Just ask the actor Ben Affleck, who was invited to leave back in 2014.