Live Dealer Blackjack and Card Counting

Some may not have heard of Live Dealer Blackjack quite yet, but they will. This type of gaming is the closest thing to Blackjack that is found in online casinos. Players will have an actual dealer on the screen who they can interact with alongside interacting with the other players at the table through chat. The dealer is typically very attractive and keeps the players on their toes. Players can have a Blackjack dealer right in their living room which makes up for several things that a land based casino could be lacking.

People are looking to online casinos for gaming because there are several tricks to the trade that land based casinos don’t offer. Gorgeous dealers is one thing because the online casinos need to have something obvious over the land based casinos. Aside from the dealers, players are under the impression that they could count cards with the online casinos. The thought process behind this is understandable since there isn’t software shuffling the deck and it is visible to players.

When you’re counting cards, it’s important to know about deck penetration which is where the player will get tabs on how far into the shoe the dealer is before they reshuffle all of the cards. For an accurate count, players will want to be pretty far into the deck, the further into the deck, the better. With live casinos, most of the time the dealers are told to shuffle the deck again once they are halfway through the shoe, leaving the players impossible knowledge surrounding how far into the deck they are when it is only at 50%. The only way a player would be able to get an accurate count is if the dealer makes a mistake and doesn’t shuffle the deck or there is an exception to a rule that is widely used in online live Blackjack games.

If you can’t count the cards at the live dealer casino, you might be better off just playing the game normally when it comes to the live dealer games. They are just as exciting as the land based casinos and offer the player the ability to sit at home without having to move a muscle to play the games. Whether you are recovering from a long day on the job or a long weekend, live dealer Blackjack is for everyone.