Massachusetts Casinos

Gambling in Massachusetts
Massachusetts residents are called “Bay Staters.” the state is one of the smallest in the nation and is ranked 44th in terms of land. There are 10,000 square miles of land, lakes and forest. The state actually has a dense population of nearly seven million residents. Massachusetts is ranked 14th in the nation for population. The state was the 6th state admitted to the union on February 6th 1788. Here, you have rich United States history.

Types of Gambling Found in Massachusetts
With just about all forms of gambling starting at 18, you have several different options available when it comes to the types available. Massachusetts has a big market for the lottery as players will be able to buy tickets at just 18. The lottery is helpful to many states as a revenue booster for public schools and other types of government programs. The lottery in Massachusetts has games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Megabucks, Doubler, Mass Cash and Keno. The lottery has been around for quite awhile, it was established on September 27th, 1971. Parimutuel betting is big in Massachusetts, players of this state not only have dog racing but they have horse racing too. There are three tracks in total, one for dog racing and the other for horses. There are two casinos within the state which players can visit at 21 or over. In recent news, the state governor signed a bill to allow more casinos to be built to increase revenue. This caused a stir within the state because the governor was straying away from their puritan culture.