Mayweather gets the odds, McGregor gets the bets.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is a heavy favorite in the mega-fight next month at the Las Vegas MGM Grande, but that is not stopping people from betting on McGregor who some reports are saying is pulling more than a 2 to 1 advantage in a number of bets made.  Of course, this could easily be explained by the heavy betting odds in favor of Mayweather, where a $50,000 bet would net less than $7000.

As the trash-talk and wagering information gets heated up, it will be interesting to see how the lines move.  While McGregor is getting a lot more bets made on him, they are mainly small bets made by new or infrequent gamblers,  the big and more experienced money is overwhelmingly going for Floyd Mayweather Jr and most boxing experts believe it is unlikely that McGregor will be able to even touch Mayweather who is currently 49-0 and who is considered by man the best defensive boxer of all time, and many say the greatest overall boxer of all time.

Of course, the one-punch power of McGregor is almost legendary at this point, with the highlight being a 13 second, one-punch knock-out of long-time champion Jose Aldo.   But of course, the question remains if McGregor will be able to even touch Mayweather who has rarely been hit hard in his 49 professional fights, and certainly not in the last decade.

The betting lines are currently Mayweather -700 and McGregor +500.   Mayweather is also favored to win by Knockout at (-200) over the decision (+220),  McGregor by KO is at +600 and the true longshot is McGregor winning by decision at +3000.   At this point, it is also important to note that the contract for McGregor heavily penalizes him for using any illegal tactics such as elbows or throws, with some rumors that up to 50% of McGregor´s purse would be forfeit if he lands an elbow.