List of Michigan Casinos

Gambling in Michigan
Michigan is a very big state in many different ways. In total the state spans nearly 100,000 miles and is ranked 11th in area. For population there is nearly ten million residents and the state is ranked 9th in the nation. The state of Michigan was admitted to the union as the 26th state on January 26, 1837. Here, you have a great selection of gaming choices as well as other entertainment available.

Types of Gambling in Michigan
Michigan is the home of the MGM Grand and many other casinos too. In total, the state has more than twenty two different casinos to choose from. So as you can tell, there is a great gambling presence within the state. The state law for land based casino gaming is 18, some of the casinos here require players to be 21 before they play for money within their facilities. Some of the casinos in Michigan are actually resorts where players can relax, dine and play. The lottery program here welcomes players at 18 too where they will have all of the hottest lottery games to choose from. Parimutuel betting is another form of gaming here which actually has had a strong presence since 1933. There are five different horse racing tracks where players who are 18 and up can bet on their favorite horse!