Michigan Casinos

Michigan is a very big state in many ways. In total, the state spans nearly 100,000 miles and is ranked 11th in area. As for population, there is nearly ten million residents and the state is ranked 9th in the nation.

The state of Michigan was admitted to the union as the 26th state on January 26, 1837. Here, you have a great selection of gaming choices as well as other entertainment available, and it’s discreetly becoming a destination of excellence for gamblers.

Gambling History and Scenario

Michigan is a state with a long history of legal gambling, including slots and table games, that keep expanding throughout the state. It all began in 1933 with horse racing meaning that legal gaming has already almost 100 years old in the state.

The state lottery was approved in 1972 and has been running since then, and recently the Michigan Lottery games online were launched, making available a huge collection of games including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 47, Queen of Diamonds or Keno.

Possibly, the piece of gambling history with more impact was the approval of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988. Having well-established Native American tribes, Michigan increased the number of their casinos with this new legislation and only 8 years after, in 1996, there were already 17 casinos in the state.

The expansion didn’t stop there, as currently there are 25 casinos in Michigan, including 3 casinos within the city limits of Detroit: Greektown Casino, MotorCity Casino, and MGM Grand Detroit. Just those three casinos have revenues close to $1.4 billion dollars, meaning a friendly contribution of $112 million in taxes for Michigan.

The slot scenario in the state is equally bright, as the citizens of Michigan have approximately 32.000 slots they can play in. The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort and the MGM Grand Detroit have 3.500 slots each, while the other two Detroit casinos are not far behind, making the total of slots for Detroit reach the 9.000 slot machines.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

The largest casino in Michigan is the Soaring Eagle, with a casino area of 210.000 square feet, being on the top 10 casinos of the United States, bigger than any of the casinos existing in the Vegas Strip.

Over 3000 slots and 70 table games, a poker room with 18 tables, which hosted the Heartland Poker Tour event for a few years until 2015, a hotel, spa, and 10 restaurants complete this massive space.

If the player is looking for entertainment away from the games, he or she just might come across Journey, Martin Short, Travis Tritt or Steve Martin, among others, in one of their many existing shows. Water slides, golf or rock climbing make everything even more complete.

Owned by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, the Soaring Eagle was built in 1998, and the revenues of 2014 from the slot machines alone reached $200 million in that year, contributing to the prosperity and self-sufficiency of the tribe.

Types of Gambling in Michigan

Michigan is the home of the MGM Grand and many other casinos too. In total, the state has twenty-five different casinos to choose from. So, as you can tell, there is a great gambling presence within the state.

The state law for land-based casino gaming age is 18, but some of the casinos here require players to be 21 before they play for money within their facilities. Some of the casinos in Michigan are actually resorts where players can relax, dine and play.

The lottery program welcomes players at 18 too where they will have all of the hottest lottery games to choose from. Pari-mutuel betting is another form of gaming here which actually has a strong presence since 1933. There are five different horse racing tracks where players who are 18 and up can bet on their favorite horse!

In terms of online gambling, Michigan citizens can play legally at the lottery sites, but there is no further legislation about it. Bill SB889 entered the Senate in June 2016, a law that would make online gambling fully legal, but even if that looked promising, nothing happened afterward.

Without further information, no one knows where or why the process stopped, which means the land-based options are the main options for now. No complaints though, as there are many casinos and they also cover the whole territory, being also possible to play poker and other table games there.