Minnesota Gambling Laws

Gambling in Minnesota
Minnesota is another large state with a great gambling presence. The state is the 12th late in the nation with more than 80,000 square miles in area. The state is the 21st in terms of population with close than 5.5 million residents. Minnesota is a primarily English state with some French speaking residents as well due to the close proximity to Canada. Minnesota has a nickname as the “The Most Livable State” Other names include “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

Types of Gambling Found in Minnesota
Minnesota has many different choices of gaming styles, the primary type of gambling here is within casinos. These casinos are operated by Native American tribes. There are close to 20 different casinos within the state to choose from with the largest being over 125,000 square feet. Mystica Lake Casinos is your one stop shop for gaming styles with more than 4,000 slots types, 80 table games and many other games as well. These casinos don’t offer any revenue to the state, the lottery comes in and picks up the tab for the public programs like schools and others. In Minnesota, players can utilize a lottery at 18 and over which has games like Hot Lotto, Scratch Games, Mega Millions and Gopher 5. Horse Racing is also known as parimutuel betting is one of America’s oldest forms of gaming which has been legalized longer than any other gaming type. Some of the racetracks in Minnesota include Canterbury Park and River Bend Park to name a few.