Gambling in Mississippi
Mississippi is a smaller state, ranked 32nd in terms of size. When sizing it up, it takes up about 48,000 square miles of the United States. Just under it’s small size, you have the small population as well which ranks 31st with just 2.9 million residents. The magnolia state is also known as “The Hospitality State.”

Types of Gaming Found in Mississippi
Mississippi has some gaming choices within the state. Most of the options allow players at just 18 and over. There are Vegas style casinos found within the state with some big city feelings. The state has casinos like Bally’s Casinos, Resorts Tunica Casino, Sam’s Town Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Hollywood Casino, Sheraton and much more. One odd thing about the state is that they do not have a lottery. Most states will have this form of gaming because it allows for more funding for the public schools. There are just 14 states which don’t offer a library which include; Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Hawaii and Nevada each for their own reasons. In Mississippi, the reasoning is due to the fact that the casinos here are run by the state and the lottery might take away from those.

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