USA Friendly Mobile Casinos

With more than half of the United States population now using some form of smart device, its no wonder the world of online casinos is taking a new route, mobile casinos. Now, more than 56% of adults within America are using these devices to stay informed, stay connected and stay entertained. These numbers are majorly penetrated by the 18-25 demographic, even more than that age group are those who earn more than $75,000 per year. Just two years ago the number of American adults with smart phones was roughly around 35% so with the growing numbers, the casino industry stays on top of the newest trends. This new piece of technology is a great way for players to stay entertained and connected with the gaming fun in which they seek! Many players have already played some form of casino game online whether it was on Facebook or through another vendor without the added incentive of earning money. Now, players will be able to actually play real games in hopes of winning some big money. Mobile casinos can range from many different styles. Most of the platforms are very different from each other which is a nice perk. Players will have several different platforms available to them which they can choose from to play with.

Mobile Gaming has Pitfalls Too.

With new technology comes along new and interesting ways to get yourself addicted to something.

There’s much to be said about gaming online whilst on the move but that in itself can bring an onslaught of its own problems. When online gaming on mobile phones was introduced one of my friends nearly bankrupted himself before his wife intervened. The easy access to games wherever you are can be a welcome distraction, but it can also be another way to gamble all your money away in absolutely no time at all.

Absolutely, game on the go. Have a cheeky game when at work. Just make sure that you’re doing it safely and responsibly, and with limited risk.

Making Sure Mobile Gambling Doesn’t Distract

Health Professionals will tell you that anything that takes you away from living a healthy and fulfilling life is a bad addiction. If for example you are gaming every night when at home and not doing anything else, and are doing it responsibly, then it could be an addiction but one that isn’t really harmful. I game every night at home, but it really doesn’t get in the way of anything else. If I were to say get into trouble for playing Slotocash whilst I should be meeting a customer – then that is an unhealthy addiction. Make sure you can distinguish between both of them and pull back (or get help) if you need to.

Keep Your Mobile Device Safe, Secure, And Password Protected

Don’t store your passwords or login data with mobile casinos. Could you imagine if your phone were to get stolen and the havoc thieves can wreak with your settings on your phone? If you have any money that you’re already playing with then that would be sure to have them using it. I know if I were a thief (and I’m not), the first thing I would do was to check the number of apps that have the victim’s details stored on them and the things that I can buy from them.

Just be sure to keep your mobile device password protected, and in a safe place, like a belt clip perhaps, or a bag. Keep your mobile away from public eye as much as you can, and never save your app passwords.

SlotoCash Mobile Casino

Visit SlotoCash Mobile Casino

Slotocash have opened their doors to the American population, and with that it brings an entirely new gaming experience. To cope with the influx, they will have had to ramp up the server power and introduce new and wonderful games. That being said, with the new numbers coming in to play there will be more chance to win big. So absolutely make sure that you don’t get lost in the awesomeness of it all like some of us tend to do from time to time. I’m one for getting too wrapped up in what I’m doing all the time. Sometimes we have to be careful. SlotoCash accepts all US Mobile Casino players across all different mobile platforms.

Mobile Casinos Across Different Mobile Platforms

iOS: When looking around at the world, most often you will see an Apple product in the hands of consumers. This is due to the fact that Apple leads the smart phone market with over 39% of adults using their product (iPhones, iPads and iPods). The iPhone, does not operate with flash technology so they made it a little bit harder for casinos to incorporate their instant play software into the apps store. Since iPhones do not operate with flash, players will instead have games that are specifically optimized for iPhone users. Depending on the country you are coming from, you will either download an app from the apps store or you will play right through your browser.

Android Mobile: Android is another leader within the smartphone market. The company was acquired by Google in 2005 which boosted the platform and sales tremendously as Google is the largest internet company. Since Android devices are almost as popular as Apple devices, many casinos will use Flash technology to incorporate mobile gaming into the customer’s life. Players with Android devices will most often access the casino of their choice through the mobile browser instead of through an app.

Though Blackberry is a company that almost seems non-existent it is the first company to create a smartphone. The company was developed in 1999 by the Canadian Company Research in Motion. Some business professionals today are currently still using Blackberry devices for business purposes so in the down time, they will be able to utilize their favorite online gaming feature to pass the time. While there aren’t many Blackberry phones still available, it’s quite the treat that the casinos have optimized gaming.

Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile is another company that is up and coming for the most part. It ranks third behind Apple and Android. The company was launched by Microsoft in 2003 and debuted as a standard smartphone which has been improved and worked on over the years. The launch of the latest phone by Windows Mobile may be a game changer for many as it operates majorly for its camera features. This is enticing to those who work in the visual arts industries. Windows Mobile Casinos will operate through the browser as well vs. through an app.

In addition to these great smartphones, players will also be able to use their Windows, Android or Apple tablet PC to get in on the gaming action. Players will be able to sign up for one account at most casinos and use it on their tablet pc or smartphone device.