Smartphone Friendly Mobile Casinos

Within the United States alone, the world of smart phones has evolved tremendously. Adults within the country pick a smart phone as their go-to device by more than half. There are several different options available when it comes to the different devices. Now, phones aren’t used just for talking. The customer base for smart phones typically use their phones to stay informed with current events or happenings within the lives of their friends or family members. Another neat statistic is that customers who make more than $75,000 per year will often times reach for a smartphone over the traditional phones in order to keep things around the office in tip top shape without actually having to be there. In comparison to the numbers just two years ago, the smart phone population has jumped roughly around 29%. The smart phone world is also taking a part in bridging the gap between land based casinos and the internet. Though, there are already many online casinos, some players may choose to utilize a mobile casino over these types for reasons such as; the simplicity of mobile casinos, players may be on the go more often or they may not even have a computer to begin with.


Slotland is a hit among players around the world because it is the first of it’s kind for the players here. The casino accommodates Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and Windows users among many others. The site welcomes players at just 18 or older. Here, you will have a full casino in conjunction with the mobile site which has games that are specifically optimized for the device you plan to use. Whether its slots or table games that are your choice, you’ll find it here.

iPhone Casinos

The iPhone is one of the most recognizable smart phones to date. With it’s iconic logo and distinctive look, it’s very hard to pass up this gem. The population of iPhone users makes up 39% of the current smart phone market. Players will find that some casinos have actually created an app for their gaming features whereas others will have the gaming styles offered through the browser. Since the iPhone does not work with Flash technology, players are unable to utilize the instant play version of the software through the browser.

Android Casinos

Android is one of the other popular smart phone families. The company was purchased by the internet mega-giant, Google in 2005. Since, the company has taken on it’s competition in many different aspects and for the most part has come out on top! Android devices have come a long way through the sea of smart phones to get to where they are now, its no wonder many players opt for this fine smart phone type.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Windows is another household fixture. The company started so many years ago and quickly caught on. The company launched its very first smart phone in 2010 which allows customers many different capabilities that the compete tors have not been able to accommodate. Below you will find information on one of our favorite mobile casinos, Slotland!