Gambling in Montana
Montana is a great state in terms of population and land. The state is ranked 4th in terms of land with 147,000 square miles of area. Though it is one of the largest states in the nation, there are very few residents. In terms of population, the state is all the way at 44th with just over one million people residing there. Montana’s gaming history dates back as far as 1862 with controversy. This was back in the mining days where gold panning wasn’t just done for leisure. In this time frame, a group of three people dealt cards and would take miner’s gold dust when they won the games. Soon after legislators caught wind of this, the games were outlawed in 1864. Years later, the state allowed gaming for table games and games of chance for $50 per month in 1869. It wasn’t until 1925 that the state finally legalized different gaming types. There state fair brought parimutuel betting which in most states was the first type of gaming to be found. From there it was more than a decade later when dominoes, bridge, blackjack and other card games were available in drug stores and other places with a $10 annually for a licensing fee.

Types of Gambling Found in Montana
Montana has a great selection of casinos for being such a low density state. There are 18 in total which allow players to join in on the gaming action once they turn 18. Within the casinos here, just about all forms of gaming are legal. The casino has slots, keno, table games card games and specialty games too. Some of the casinos that are available here include; Lucky Lil’s and Sawbuck casino to name a few. Parimutuel betting also starts for players at 18 and over. The parimutuel betting is horse racing with five different racetracks including Yellowstone Downs, Western Montana Fair, Northwest Montana Fair and more. Montana is one of the state which offers a lottery program which offers several different gaming styles there too.