Most Popular Slot Games

I’ve been playing the slot rollers now for several years and have had many great moments with them but I can remember my first attempt with them and it can all be a bit confusing at the start, even if you’re experienced with them in the real world. I’ve been playing slot machines since I was a kid and I can say it can become a little overwhelming at the start when you first make the plunge into an online casino.

Thankfully, I’m here to help you with that.

How do online slots work – A beginner’s guide

Firstly, you’ll have to think that the way you interact with the online casino, they’ve tried to make it as real as an experience as possible. So, all the chink sounds of the money, and all the ding-ding sounds of winning epically will all still be there. In fact, in my experience it’s nicer winning online because they have the ability to put in more gratifying feelings on a win roll with the music and sound.

The Basics.

You’ll have to understand that most online slots are not like the conventional slots you would see in the gaming arcade. So, there are no ways to hold a reel, and there are far more lines to win on. When playing them I get confused at all the win lines, however the online slots sort out all that for you. All you really need to be concerned about is how much you are going to bet and pressing the start button. Some slots will allow you to bet $200 and upwards per throw, others will only allow you to bet up to $5 a throw. It just depends. Make sure you understand how much you are betting with before you start. This is usually at the bottom left of your screen


Sometimes alongside number of bets you will have the ability to increase or decrease the amount of paylines you have available to a spin. It’s up to you really. You can take them all the way down to 1 payline, or all the way up to 247, yes, some slots have 247 ways to win, which means on some spins you can win over ten times. But remember, each payline has an amount to it. So, if you bet 10c with 20 paylines then that will be $2.00 per spin. It does vary between each slot though.


Make sure you watch out for the features. Usually online casino slots will have one or two features that has the possibility to win lots. They happen from time to time and usually there will be a lengthy time between the features. Don’t expect them to crop up lots. The standard feature will be free spins. You will get up to fifteen free spins, and on some slots, you will be able to multiply your winnings. Don’t worry too much about trying to figure out how to work this because most features run automatically. At the end you’ll see the credit in your balance.

Watch out for the hidden features also. Some casino slots will have hidden features and those will activate randomly, giving you free spins and a multiplier.


I find to have the best experience with online slot machines is to have your headphones on and the sound fairly loud. That way it will feel extremely immersive. At with that said, lets get into it. Below we have listed the most popular online casino slot games for usa players, sorted by platform.