Most Popular Slots by TopGame

Online casinos tend to have so many different facets that draw in a player. One of the more popular ways to draw in a player is to offer really great gaming by a top graphics designing company such as TopGame. This company doesn’t offer just slots but table games and card games too. Video poker tends to be a real hit as well. However, slots are the number one game played at both land based casinos and online casinos. So it makes perfect sense to talk about the very top online slot games that were made by TopGame software. TopGame welcomes players from all over the globe, including the United States. With this brand, you will find multi language preferences as well as different currency options and choices. Here are the top games offered by this software provider.

Orbital Mining Slot

If you’re into the whole outer space theme and want to check out an online casino, you have those two things rolled into Orbital Mining. This TopGame slot game can be found at all casinos offering this software brand. The game invites players to just use one penny per line if they would like to. If they want to go for something a little bit more exciting, they can with $5 per spin. This game was brought to the online casinos in 2014 which makes it a relatively new slot choice for players to utilize.

Graveyard Shift Slot

None of us want to think about work when we are trying to relax at home, however this game is quite fun and puts a twist on the night-owls that make up the friends in our life’s. The reels are five in total with 25 different paylines to make things far more interesting than what we are used to with just the three reels and one payline from the classic slots. Players can either play each spin by playing one penny per line, or they can choose the max bet button which will bet a whopping $125.00. The game has a scatter symbol and a wild symbol which will help players land themselves some free spins and extra bonus cash.

Great Reef Slot

Ready for something totally exciting and different? Great Reef is your casino option that allows you to take a dive under the sea! This game is fun in terms of the way that it is played. The casino game allows players to choose between one and twenty five paylines on five spinning reels. The bets allowed are as low as $0.01 up to $5 per spin. When playing on the reels, there is a smaller jackpot available to players which only rewards around 500 coins at best, but still it works! Feeling a little bit like you’re doing the same thing over and over again? Check out the auto play feature. Just simply select your bet, select your line amount and let the reels roll until you want to regain control.

New Tales Of Egypt Slot

New Tales of Egypt is another Arabian style game which tends to be a big theme within the online gaming world simply for the fact that many of us associate the movie of Aladdin to be a true rags to richest story. Players are after their three wishes as well as their mountains of gold. This game is quite simple with limited graphics and more of the typical numbers and letters that we used to see on casino slot games. There are several different ways to win big with New Tales of Egypt. Players will want to look out for a scatter symbol and wild symbol which can land them a big jackpot or even free spins.

Lucky Fishing Slot

The last game to round out our list of TopGame slots is Lucky Fishing. Who doesn’t love a really great fishing game? I know I do! This particular game is one of the older ones for online slots as it has been available since 2010. The casino game features a free spins mode which will allow players to spin the reels for free, while winning cash. Players will have the ability to win more cash from this game than many of the others for the simple fact that it does offer the free spins mode. There isn’t a progressive jackpot available but players will love the way the game plays and looks, they will hardly even notice that they are missing that piece of the puzzle.