My Player Experience At Cash O’Lot Casino

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My Player Experience At Cash O’Lot Casino

I registered for Cash O’Lot casino in early February 2016 and took advantage of a free bonus chip to get me started. Like with other online casinos, I never expect to be able to meet the wagering requirement that is needed to qualify for a withdrawal. As time has gone on, I have experienced that it is possible even if you are just a slot player. Playing at Cash O’Lot Casino this year was actually one of the first experiences that I had where I was actually able to request a withdrawal on a free chip. Before I talk about this particular experience, I’d like to point out a few things.

Cash O’Lot Casino Website

The design of the Cash O’Lot Casino website doesn’t seem as though much thought went into it. It is very basic and kind of dry in an unappealing way. The last time I checked, it had lots of yellow lettering which I assume was supposed to represent gold. In my honest opinion though, the design doesn’t ignite visitor excitement at all. If you are anything like me, you want to feel enticed upon visiting an online casino and want to get excited about playing. When they don’t take the time to create a nice landing page to evoke that emotion, then I would take it as a red flag.

Cash O’Lot Casino Games

The Cash O’Lot Casino games available are pretty cool since they use games powered by software developer Rival and I did notice that they pay well. My favorites are Mystic Wolf, Blazin’ Buffalo and the Arabian Tales slots. The Mystic Wolf slot for example has a nice 5x multiplier that can appear during normal play and while you are in the Free Spins mode, you can get a crazy awesome 10x multiplier to help increase your winning payline.

My Player Experience At Cash O’Lot Casino

Like I mentioned earlier, I joined in early February and took advantage of a free chip. Even though I did okay, I didn’t wager enough to cash out. I continued to receive emails from Cash O’Lot offering free chips and I always took advantage of them but never could withdraw. Sometime in August I took on another free chip and this one was worth $15. The wagering requirement on this free $15 was a crazy $6,000 to be able to cash out the maximum $100. Over the course of a 24 hour period I was able to get that $15 up to over $2,000 and actually meet the wagering requirement to my surprise. Once I played down to around $500, I reached out to the live chat support and asked if there was anything I should know before requesting a withdrawal. I do this ahead of time to make sure I won’t have problems later on and I also know that each site has their own set of terms and conditions. I was told that I had just a few more hundred dollars left to play before I was able to cash out. The agent told me that once I had reached the requirement on wagering to let chat know and they would remove the balance that exceeded the $100 maximum payout limit. I agreed and kept playing.

Wagering Requirement Met

I played through the remaining needed balance to make my requirement. I still had a few hundred left in my balance but knew that I would only be able to cash out $100. I reached out to live chat again as instructed but this time got a different agent. After looking over my account he erased everything above and beyond the $100 but then told me something that I wasn’t expecting. He stated that in order for me to cash out the $100 that was in my balance, then i would need to make a deposit of at least $25. The reason he gave me was that because during the life of my account with them I had never made a real-money deposit. I understood and thought that it was reasonable but didn’t have any plans of making a deposit that day. I asked the agent how long I had to deposit before I would lose my winnings and he told me that I had 12 days from that day.

Depositing Issues

After a couple of days, I logged back into my Cash O’Lot Casino account and attempted to make a deposit of $25 so I could request the withdrawal of $100 as instructed by the previous chat agent. After about 15 minutes of trying different amounts from $25 all the way up to $50. I kept trying different amounts because each time I tried, it would come back as declined or not accepted. I then reached out to live chat again. This time I was told by live chat that there was an “issue with my account” and I needed to send an email to the support team for more information. Needless to say I wasn’t happy and tried to get as much information from this agent as I could. She ultimately said that there was something wrong with my account because of the state that I reside in (New York). I told her that my location has always been in the state of New York and nothing had changed since I first registered in February but I followed her instructions and sent an email to the support team.

Brand Acquisition

I waited a reasonable 48 hours for a response to my email but no response ever came. I logged back into the casino site again and unfortunately had no other choice but to call live chat once again. This time the live chat agent told me that the reason why my deposit didn’t go through was because Cash O’Lot Casino cannot and does not accept players from New York!!! I found out later that Cash O’Lot Casino was acquired by another company along with a few others. During that transition, these casinos that use to accept players from all over were now under new management and could not accept those same players. Talk about a waste of time, energy and another example of disappointing customer service!! Had any of the agents that I spoke to told me that there was a transition and major changes coming, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I guess I should be glad that my deposits didn’t go through. Who knows what kind of hoops I would of had to jump through just to get a refund. Cash O’Lot Casino still exists but I wouldn’t recommend them to even my worse enemy simply because of bad customer service.