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My Player Experience Part 2 - No Lesson Learned…

Even after my difficult experience with getting a withdrawal from Grand Fortune Casino, I continued to play on their site but mostly on their sister site Raging Bull Casino. I continued to make real-money deposits but also took advantage of free chip offers that were sent to me via text or email. In this situation, I was one of the lucky few who was able to turn a free chip into a balance that was eligible for withdrawal. This time around, not only was there a problem with my withdrawal being sent in a timely fashion, but there were also difficulties leading up to that point.

How I Turned A Free Chip Into Free Money

Before I share my story, I cannot stress how important it is to fully read and understand the terms and conditions of a free chip so you won’t be disappointed later on. I received an email offering a coupon code “40TFM2” that would give me $40 free to play with. This free chip came with a wagering requirement of something like 35 times the amount. I never anticipate being able to cash-out on a free chip but it’s always fun to try. This means that you have to wager that free $40 a total of 35 times ($40 x 35 = $1,400) before being eligible to cash out. Believe it or not, I was able to successfully wager that large amount of money in less than an hour. The trick to this is that you are only eligible to cash out a maximum of $100 on a free chip, so even if you have $1,000 in your balance, you can only cash out $100 if you redeemed a free chip. This is understandable because NO business is in business by giving away free money. At the end of the day, that is $100 for free by simply following the instructions stated in the terms and conditions. Now here’s where it gets funky.

Raging Bull Casino Customer Support

At this point, I was aware that I could only get $100 off of this free $40 chip. From past experience, I know to be proactive and ask the right questions before getting too excited before the end result. To save myself the stress of something that was to come, I reached out to live chat while I was still playing towards the final couple of hundred dollars of the wagering requirement. I had so much of a balance left that I knew I would make the requirement without a doubt but just to be sure, I got in touch with an agent for clarification. I mainly wanted to make sure that I was not going against their terms by betting more than $x.xx per spin.

Here’s the actual beginning of the chat transcript:

Michel: Welcome to the casino’s online Live Chat service. How may I assist you?

you: hi - im currently playing on coupon code 40TFM2 and wanted to see if there are any restrictions related to the max bet allowed?

you: also - are you able to tell if i am within the terms and conditions thus far? i’m asking because it looks like i will be able to make the play-through requirement to request the max cashout of $100

(2 minutes later)

Michel: hello

you: hi

Michel: could you please give me your username and confirm on which casino are you playing?

you: sherkev - raging bull

Michel: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

you: ok

(4 minutes later)

Michel: ok

Michel: i have accessed your account

you: im currently playing on coupon code 40TFM2 and wanted to see if there are any restrictions related to the max bet allowed

you: also - are you able to tell if i am within the terms and conditions thus far? i’m asking because it looks like i will be able to make the playthrough requirement to request the max cashout of $100

Michel: the max cashout is 100$

Michel: your actual playthrough left is 174.68$

you: yes, i know. that is what i stated above. my question was in regards to the max bet requirements. I’m wondering if my gameplay is within the terms and conditions of your site thus far.

(3 more minutes later)

you: ?

Michel: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.

…Pause. Let me explain what is happening at this time. As you can tell, accessing my account and responding is taking quite a bit of time, so I continue to play down that $174.68 that is left to be playthrough. All of a sudden my $400+ balance was now at $98 so I flipped out as you will be able to tell with my ALL CAPS.



(2 minutes later)

you: ??

Michel: i didn’t remove your money


Michel: what happened is

Michel: you have met the wagering requirement



Michel: when you complete your playthrough the system automatically remove or adjust your balance to the maximum to cashout, as you can only cash out once you have completed the playthrough so the system leave you with the amount you should cash out

Michel: which was 100$

Michel: and you played it down from 100 to 99

Michel: 98


Michel: all you have to do is try to play it up to 100 so that you can withdraw

Had I known that the system automatically reduces your balance as soon as you hit the requirement, I would have paid closer attention to the bets that I was making. Was this my fault? Probably. Was I trying to hear that it was my fault at the time? No. Why not keep the balance the same and allow the customer to play down to $100 themselves is beyond me. Also, to make things even harder, not only is the maximum cashout $100, but $100 is also the minimum amount needed in your balance to even request a withdrawal.

Now, I was so furious that I closed out of the chat and continued to play to try to get back up to the $100 maximum withdrawal limit. The game had been paying so well (Bubble-Bubble is the name of the slot by the way), that I figured I shouldn’t have any problems getting that $98 back up to $100. I was all the way down to $72 before I got a bonus round that put me at approximately $150. I immediately requested my withdrawal of $100 and reached out to chat again to verify that my account was fine for the withdrawal. Little did I know, the whole situation was far from over.

Verification For Raging Bull Casino

As previously mentioned in the end of Part 2 regarding my experience with Raging Bull Casino, I reached out to live chat to make sure that all was fine in their system to process my withdrawal request of $100. The date of this was in the evening of 8/25/16, which was a Thursday. I was told via chat that all was fine and the finance department would process my withdrawal on Monday 8/29/16. I received a weird phone call from an international number within a few hours but I ignored the phone call. When I logged into my email, I had received an email from an agent named “Luc” who said he attempted to call to complete a phone verification but there was no answer. I called the customer support phone number that next day on Friday 8/26 to complete the phone verification. Even though I didn’t think it was right that they made me re-submit the same documents I had already sent to Grand Fortune Casino months prior, I complied and long before the end of the day on 8/26, my phone and identity verification was complete.

The Waiting Game

As of 9/9/16, I was still waiting for my funds to be delivered. Did I forget to mention that I used the same exact bank information that I gave to Grand Fortune Casino at the end of my last fiasco? The bank details were the least of my concern because I knew that at this point, they should have had the correct information on file. Since getting updated information via live chat has always been a bust, I assumed that keeping a watch on my account details after logging in would give me some sort of relief. I was wrong again. As of 9/9/16, the status of my withdrawal was still showing “Requested” and you have the option to cancel any requests that are still in a “Requested” or “Under Review” status. So this means as of 9/9/16, my withdrawal still had not been “Processed”.

Going Public

Since Raging Bull Casino’s customer support told me that my withdrawal would be processed on 8/29, I waited until 8/31 to contact them again. A bank wire should only take a few hours (24 hours at most). On 8/31, the chat agent told me that there was a delay for some reason but my funds would be in my bank at the latest on 9/2. When 9/5 rolled around with no money, I reached out to them again and was told that they were so sorry but it’s still processing and wait until that Friday 9/9. On 9/9 when I woke up to no money in my account, I hopped on over to the Raging Bull Casino forum and posted my story and everything that I had been through up until that point. There was a very nice gentleman there named Jason that seemed genuinely concerned about my bad experience and wanted to make it right. Even though he was out of the office, he still sent a message to his finance manager Dean to investigate.

On 9/12, I was informed by Jason that Dean said that the phone verification had just been completed per their notes on 9/9 when in reality that was all completed by the end of the day on 8/26. The date of 9/12 was the date that the withdrawal request was finally updated to “Processed” and this was done by Dean and he sent an email letting me know that he had processed my withdrawal on 9/12.

Before reading the message below, let me say that in the meantime, Grand Fortune Casino sent me a free chip offer that I redeemed even though I had a pending withdrawal for Raging Bull. My boyfriend told me that was a stupid thing to do (to redeem another free chip) but I didn’t think anything of it because redeeming a free chip on Grand Fortune shouldn’t have anything to do with what is going on with Raging Bull. Can you believe that I turned that free chip into another free $100 eligible for a withdrawal?! Yes, that is how great my winning streak was, but I guess it doesn’t matter if you have to fight tooth and nail to get the funds sent to you, right?

On 9/15, I sent the following message to Jason:

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to update you. As of this morning 9/15, still no funds in my account. Dean stated that he would send the wire on 9/12. When 9/14 rolled around I sent another email asking when it was sent. He didn’t answer my question directly but instead said he would send payment proof. On the payment proof it showed that it was sent on 9/13. My bank is telling me that a wire transfer usually only takes a few hours unless international. If international should be 24 hours at most.

Ironically, I was able to cash out on Grand Fortune last night and was told that I had to submit verification documents again (even though I just sent this info to RB just 3 weeks ago….and these documents were already submitted to GF in april 2016) I complied and just forwarded the same information since i still have it in my sent folder from 3 weeks ago!! So needless to say I expect that the GF payout will be another 3-4 week wait. Very disappointing that something so simple is such a hassle.

I received a response from a “Nathan” on the Raging Bull forum who said that Jason was out sick and that he would be handling the details for now. He told me to give him 24 hours to get a response. He also mentioned that there was no need for me to re-submit my documents and he apologized that live chat told me otherwise. I remained patient and then on 9/16, Dean responded to my post on the forum and said that the funds were returned and he would send me payment proof. He also said he looked at the Grand Fortune winnings I had pending for withdrawal and told me that I was not eligible because I had no made a real money deposit in between my last two free chips on Grand Fortune Casino. He called himself a “good guy” and said that he would process BOTH withdrawals anyway. The total that I should have received would have been $200. ($100 from Raging Bull and $100 from Grand Fortune) - I let him know that I appreciated the courtesy but had the live chat agents told me that I wasn’t eligible, then it would have made his job a lot easier.

24 hours after this correspondence on the forum, I received the funds in my bank account. Dean came back to the forum to let me know that he messed up and he apologized. He had not read the numbers correctly and that is why it wasn’t sent on 9/13. (he still didn’t explain why he told me 9/12 when in reality he didn’t initiate it until 9/13)

I accepted his apology but couldn’t help but to wonder if this is why I had a problem with receiving my first withdrawal from Grand Fortune Casino originally? After all, he is the finance manager of both sites and it was him that I had to speak with at the end of things on both occasions. I’m sure he wasn’t happy to have to be dealing with me again since the first time around was so demanding. If you go over to their message forum, my entire post is still listed. Something to note that I left out is that when I did finally receive my withdrawal, it was $20 short. I received $180 in total. Bank wires are supposed to be free but I sincerely did not want to deal with them anymore so I didn’t even bother to press the issue. Just another example of how bad the customer support is: During one of the many many interactions with live chat, I asked for them to update my address to reflect my current location (twice). I discovered while re-visiting the site today strictly for this review, my address was never updated!

Please choose your online gaming sites wisely!