Nebraska Gaming Laws

Gambling in Nebraska
Nebraska, known as the Cornhusker state has a population of close to two million residents. It is ranked the 38th largest state in terms of that. Though the population is on the smaller side, there is a great deal of land here as the state is ranked 16th in terms of states with more than 70,000 square miles. Nebraska is right smack in the middle of the map near Colorado and Kansas with other bordering states as well. This is the birthplace of Cool-Aid, in Hastings way back in 1927! The gambling presence here is on the smaller side but it is fitting for those who live here.

Types of Gambling Found in Nebraska
In Nebraska, they have very few casinos. One is the Rosebud Casino which welcomes players who are 21 and over. This casino offers most kinds of gaming with Keno, Slots and Tables. One of the more popular kinds of gambling found in Nebraska is Parimutuel betting. This type of gaming is found for players who are 18 and over. The parimutuel betting here has five racing tracks for horses. Those racetracks include names like; Horsemen’s Park and Fonner Park. The largest form of gaming in Nebraska is the Lottery which allows players at an odd age to participate. Players must be 19 or older to purchase tickets for the popular games of Mega Millions, Pick Five, Powerball, 2by2, Pick 3 and others.