Negative and Positive Progression

Negative and Positive Progression Betting Systems in Blackjack

Sometimes when we’ve done something over and over again, we begin to get tired of the same old thing, so we add things or take away things to make the task a whole lot more exciting. Naturally, this is the same with Blackjack. Players for many years have been adding Blackjack strategies to their time playing the game to try and increase their winnings as well as making things a whole lot more interesting. The most common betting system in Blackjack is called Flat Betting but from there, there are negative and positive progression Blackjack systems. When playing the game of Blackjack, you will want to set a limit for your gaming whether it’s a betting limit, a win limit or a loss limit. These limits will help keep your money in check without losing control.

Positive Progression Systems
When playing with a Positive Progression System, you will be increasing your bet following each and every win. For example: if you have positive progression, you will utilize the Parlay system, the bettors will let all of their winnings ride after each of the wins. Speaking in numbers, if you won $40, your next wager would be increased to $80 after that. This method will get you a whole lot closer to your win limit without having to really break the bank. Of course, there are risks involved with this system much like any other however, you won’t lose everything in just one hand.

Negative Progression Systems
Widely known as the Martingale System, you will double your bets after a loss instead of after a win like with the Parlay System. For this one, if you bet $10 and lose, you will then wager $20 on the next hand. This is the most popular way to utilize a Negative Progression System, there are many others to choose from but none are quite as easy to grasp as the martingale.
Choosing which betting style is better for you is quite the task as players will need to figure this out on their own. There isn’t on that is better or worse because they all work to a degree. There isn’t a clear way to tell from face value which is better it all comes down to preference and what the player feels more comfortable with in the long run. Keep in mind, you won’t be increasing your edge over the casino unless you incorporate card counting these are just ways to try and beat some of the odds when ti comes to wins or losses at the casino.

Most of the time, players will stick to their guns and gravitate toward the positive progression betting styles because they will lose less money in the beginning. With this betting style, players also won’t come up on wins quite as often or as large. The parlay system can be quite risky nonetheless as players will be letting all of their winnings ride each and every time. It’s up to them to decide when they have had enough and walk away before they hit a loss.