North Carolina

The Furniture Capital of the United States, also known as North Carolina to most people, is ranked 28th with just 58,000 square miles of land. Despite its smaller size, there is a pretty big population there as it is ranked 10th with more than ten million residents.

North Carolina is also known as The Old North State to many who live there. North Carolina’s gaming presence is not too big, but they do offer gaming styles in many different areas of the state.

Gambling History

North Carolina fought for a long time against gambling, and even in 1982 the governor didn’t want to introduce the state lottery. In reality, North Carolina was the last state of the East Coast to allow the lottery, something that happened only in 2005 with a slim voting margin.

The first lottery ticket was sold just on March 2006, and horse and dog racing, common gambling activity in most states, are not legal in North Carolina. Apart from the lottery, there was also one single casino available in the state, on the Eastern Band of Cherokee lands, the Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel and Casino.

The 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act boosted the appearance of casinos on many states, but as each tribe must negotiate an agreement with the state, it really depends on the current government of each state.

Being a conservative state, North Carolina made those deals hard, limiting the access to the games and still following the law. In fact, up to 2012 electronic poker and slots were the only games accepted by the state.

In 2012 the change did happen by the most common reason though, the government needed funding coming from taxes, and the agreement with the Cherokee was expanded to allow more games, live dealers and the construction of two other casinos.

One of these casinos, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel, opened its doors in 2015, and it’s having a big success, to the point of and investment of an additional $200 million is being made to expand the original facility, adding hundreds of rooms to the hotel.

The Cherokee just might start to have competition soon, as the Catawba Nation has plans to build a $600 million casino in the Kings Mountain region, close to Charlotte. Even if Hard Rock is already mentioned as a partner, it’s still necessary the approval from the US government and to negotiate the compact with the state, so it’s everything still on paper for now.

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

This federally recognized tribe is located in the western area of North Carolina and was a part of the Cherokee Nation that had to migrate, causing the division of the tribe. This tribe is the owner of both North Carolina casinos that are less than three hours away from Atlanta and close to Georgia, something their citizens dearly welcome.

The casinos are branded as Harrah’s, but make no mistakes, as each tribe member receive two annual payments that are usually $3.500 to each one, on average. It’s not a bad payment at all that goes on top of any other income they might have, in an area of North Carolina that has unemployment rates close to 50%.

An important note about these payouts is that children receive the same value as adults since there are born, money that is made available when they graduate from high school or when they turn 21. The value is usually more than $100.000, a nice sum to finance education or start a business.

Summary of the different types of Gaming Found in North Carolina

For being one of the older states, you would think North Carolina has pari-mutuel betting but actually it doesn’t. It does however offer casino gaming which invites players who are 21 and over. Harrah’s is a casino brand that is offered by Caesar’s Entertainment. Within Harrah’s Casinos players will have a Vegas styled gaming floor with flashy colors on their slots, table games, card games and other games too.

As far as the lottery, you will find several different games like Scratchers, Cash 5, Pick 3, Powerball and Mega Millions. Players who purchase lottery tickets will need to be at least 18 or over.

In what concerns the online gambling, nothing is regulated or legalized, and nothing should be expected soon, as the state is still very conservative and anti-gambling, so no legislation will be approved in a near future.