Ohio, the birthplace of Aviation, one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology the world has ever had. Ohio is also known by nicknames such as The Mother of Presidents, The Heart of it All and The Buckeye State. Here, you have a smaller state with just 44,000 square miles of land and 11 million residents. The population is one of the largest in the nation as it is ranked 7th. In Ohio, you have many different ways to play for money when it comes to the entertainment world of gambling.

Types of Gambling Found in Ohio
Ohio has many different forms of gaming. Players within this state have some rich history to trace back. The lottery was the first game offered to the state which was actually a state lottery. This was implemented in 1973 where players could buy a ticket and win money! The lottery has brought the state more than $2 billion since the date of establishment and has proved to be a really great move. Though the lottery has been available since this date, it almost didn’t happen when the approval rating was only 64%. Players are able to join in on the ticket buying as early as 18 years of age. Parimutuel betting is another big business within the state of Ohio as well with more than eight different parks throughout the state where players can bet on the track, over the phone or intertrack too.

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