Oklahoma is home to more than four million people, bringing it to the 28th spot in terms of population and 20th spot in terms of land. There are nearly 70,000 square miles of the area within the state. Residents within the state refer to Oklahoma as “The Sooner” state.

Oklahoma is also known as the state where the winds sweep down the plain, sadly often enough like tornadoes. Apart from the tornadoes, fracking has now been causing more frequent earthquakes, so at least they have several different gaming styles available to the residents to balance with the natural disasters.

Casino History

Oklahoma is the state that has benefited the most from the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Considering this Act allows the tribes federally recognized to make deals with the states to operate gambling operations on their lands, and that there are 38 tribes in Oklahoma, it’s easy to understand the big impact the measure had.

From those 38 tribes, 33 negotiated the deals or compacts and most of the tribes have at least one casino, but it so happens that the Chickasaw Nation tribe has the impressive number of 21 casinos, contributing to the around 100 casinos existing in the state of Oklahoma, being the state in the country that has more gambling across its entire territory.

The proximity to Texas, a state which lacks gambling opportunities, boosts Oklahoma casinos with billions of dollars coming from their citizens, being the Winstar World Casino and Resort, sitting one mile away from the border, the casino which gets more benefits from this situation.

Winstar World Casino and Resort

This casino started operating just as a tent in Thackerville, in 1991, format that maintained for 13 years. With time though, the bingo hall expanded and so did the facilities, to accommodate electronic gaming options, a poker room, off-track betting, a theater, and restaurants.

Expansions in the casino floor in 2012 and 2013 lead to the growth of the space to above 500,000 square feet, being possibly the largest US casino and eventually in the world, maybe just behind in area to the Venetian Macao.

There is a heavenly situation for the gambling lovers in Oklahoma, but even so craps and roulette are not available here as according with the state law, the only type of game allowed are cards, not dices or balls, even if some casinos have electronic versions of balls or dices games, which is permitted. This situation won’t be changing anytime soon, as just recently a bill to approve these games was rejected.

There is also the curiosity of table games, where there is a commission charged, meaning that if we are playing Blackjack, we will pay a $0.50 commission on each hand, bumping the edge the house already has.

Summing up the Types of Gambling found in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a huge list of different tribal casinos which a player can utilize starting at 18 by law. Some of the casinos within this state require players to be at least 21 in order to enter and play for money. Some of the casinos here in Oklahoma include Broken Bow Choctaw Casino, Pawhuska Osage Casino, Clinton Lucky Star Casino, and Pawnee Stone Wolf Casino, to name a few.

In addition to the land-based casinos in the state, players can play the lottery and multi-state lotteries, which also provide gaming styles for players who are 18 and over. The lottery isn’t just your buy a ticket and wait and see the type of deal. Players have scratchers as well as other fun games which fall within this category.

Pari-mutuel betting is for horse racing and dog racing tracks within the state. Players who are 18 and over can head over to the tracks to make bets on their favorite dog or horse to win some money!

Online Gambling

Online gambling is not legal in Oklahoma, and even if their citizens might be accepted on gambling sites, they should pursue those actions with caution. The good news is that in 2016 the state-backed the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma in their plans to make pokertribe.com, something that was approved by a judge.

Pokertribe.com wasn’t a success because the choice of the Universal Entertainment Group as a development partner for the project proved to be a failure, as they have missed several dates to begin real-money operations, and the site currently exists with the free-play option.