Oklahoma is home to more than four million people, bringing it to the 28th spot in terms of population and 20th spot in terms of land. There are nearly 70,000 square miles of area within the state. Residents within the state refer to Oklahoma as “The Sooner” state. Here, they have several different gaming styles available to the residents.

types of Gambling in Oklahoma
Oklahoma has a huge list of different casinos which a player can utilize starting at 18 by law. Some of the casinos within this state require players to be at least 21 in order to enter and play for money. Some of the casinos here in Oklahoma include Broken Bow Choctaw Casino, Pawhuaka Osage Casino, Clinton Lucky Star Casino and Pawnee Stone Wolf Casino to name a few. In addition to the land based casinos in the state, players have the ability to play the lottery which also provides gaming styles for players who are 18 and over. The lottery isn’t just your buy a ticket and wait and see type of deal. Players have scratchers as well as other fun games which fall within this category. Parimutuel betting is for horse racing and dog racing tracks within the state. Players who are 18 and over can head over to the tracks to make bets on their favorite dog or horse to win some money!