Online Casino Bonuses

Below we took our top 10 USA online casinos and broke them down by bonus information. The online casino bonus codes listed below are for new players only. Feel free to sign up for as many different casinos as you wish, but remember that each bonus code is one per household, per casino. These bonuses are very simple to use and are often the sole reason a player will choose one of the casinos listed. When utilizing a bonus code, players will simply copy the code from the list below and then paste it into the cashier section of the casino before making a deposit. There are several different kinds of bonus codes out there; here is a list of our best online casino bonuses.

What are Payout Percentages?

When looking for an online casino, there are several different factors to consider. One of those factors is the casinos payout percentages. These percentages are the amount of bets placed vs the amounts paid out by the casino. In most cases these payout percentages are calculated by slot intake vs payout. For example, if a casino has an 98% payout percentage, that means the casino keeps 2% of all profits and the rest is paid out to players. When it comes to the player against the casino, the casino will always have slightly better odds, but it does mean the player may have a better chance of winning if they play at an online casino with a higher payout rate. For most casinos these numbers are audited and published by third party companies to ensure the information posted is accurate and matches the actual percentages.

Deposit Match Bonuses (Welcome Bonuses)

These are the most common types of bonuses. Just about every casino on the internet will offer some form of welcome bonus which will come in the form of a deposit match promotion. These will take your deposit and multiply it with free cash. On a 400% deposit match bonus, if you deposit $100 the casino with match it 400% giving you an additional $400 to play with. When redeeming these you will want to be sure to read through the terms on each bonus as every casino is slightly different and they will have what is known as a play through requirement. A play through requirement is a set amount a player must wager before the player can cashout their winnings. This keeps people from just taking the free money and directly cashing out. Some of the play through requirements may be more strict then others, depending on the casino. Deposit match bonuses can be a great way for players to enjoy hours of entertainment with a relatively small deposit. This is also a great option for players who wish to win it big! So what’s the catch? Other then the casino needing to protect themselves from abuse by requiring a set play through amount, there really is no catch. Land based casinos offer new players free buffets or comped rooms, and as online casinos have much smaller overhead costs then land based casinos, they can afford to entice new players with attractive free cash offers.

No Deposit Bonus Codes (Free Chips)

No Deposit Bonus Codes are one of the most redeemed bonus codes out there. Not only because they are a free don’t require a deposit, but because they offer players a chance to see what the live gaming platform really looks like before depositing. Think of it as a try before you buy offer, and often times players will get lucky and win a little cash on the free chip. Most of the time, the free chip is for a small amount, and players will be limited to a set amount they can win off the free chip, that limit is usually set around $100. But hey, $100 just for trying out some software and having a little fun is good enough for me.

Timed Bonuses

Timed bonuses are a unique feature that have become rare in online casinos. This type of bonus requires no deposit and allows players a set amount of time to test out the real money gaming platform with the casinos own money; and the chance to make it yours! This type of bonus works like this; players will be given a certain amount of money and a time limit. Once the time limit is up, players will be able to keep anything they have won over the initial granted amount. For example the Desert Nights Casino above offers new players $500 and 30 minuets to try and win as much money as they can, with no deposit required! After the 30 minuets are up, anything you have left over the $500 is yours to keep! Players will also find that the play through requirements are often less then other types of bonuses; just 10x at desert nights, compared to 20x-30x for many other bonuses. As for all no deposit bonuses, the online casinos will usually limit the amount that can be won, desert nights limits this amount to $100. This is by far one of the best bonuses no deposit bonuses one can hope for.