Online Gambling enemy Rep. Jason Chaffetz not running again

Rep. Jason Chaffetz who is the current chairman of the House Oversight Committee and has been a long-time antagonist for the online gambling community announced last week that he will not be seeking re-election.  Chaffetz district in Utah is largely Mormon so it is very unlikely that it will go Democratic or to a moderate Republican, but more importantly it means a much less powerful person will be taking the seat.  Chaffetz has been a close ally to billionaire Sheldon Adelson and received substantial campaign contributions for Adelson in exchange for introducing legislation to restrict online gambling.

Chaffetz was the author of the RAWA, the restoration of the American wire act, a ridiculous law that attempted to transfer laws written for the telegraph and apply them to online gambling and other online issues.  The bill was largely ignored by the house and no similar bill ever appeared in the Senate, but the departure of Chaffetz means that items and restriction in RAWA will probably not find their way into appropriations or tax laws in the near future.

Chaffetz largely become known because of his use of the Oversight Committee to cause media attention against Hillary Clinton on a variety of issues from her private email servers to Benghazi.  it was mainly Chaffetz who made sure that for the past few years, there was always an open house investigation into the future Democratic nominee.

The influence of Adelson could continue however since he was one of the largest individual donors to the Trump campaign.   While stating he is against online gambling for moral reasons, Adelson is also the owner of some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas and obvious view online gambling as a threat to his business model.  While Republicans are generally for states rights,  Jeff Sessions, the new attorney general expressed surprised of a ruling by the supreme court which allowed online gambling.  The National Governor´s Association has long stated that online gambling is a state issue and disagreeing with that does not seem likely from a Republican house of representatives and senate.