The History of Online Poker

History is a word more commonly associated with centuries, in terms of Poker, you will typically only see about a decade dedicated to the beginning of poker being played online. The reason for this is because the internet was more widely used in the early 90’s, prior to that the internet was mainly used for business purposes only. The online poker industry actually began in 1997 where players had plenty of sites to play many different variations of poker. With the launch of several different online poker sites, the World Series of Poker became more and more popular which prompted Harrah’s Casino to buy the World Series of Poker from Binion’s when they went through financial trouble. Now, known as Caesar’s Entertainment, the industry continues to grow. In 2006, the UIGEA also known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was established which created a whole lot of grey area for players. Many understood that the law was to bar players from playing online all together when in reality, it just barred players from using their debit card or credit card accounts to play online. The passing of this law put some poker rooms in bad positions which lead to the shut down of many.

Online Poker as it Stands Today

Online Poker today is in a really good position. In December of 2011, players were given clarity as the UIGEA was lifted. Players then were able to use their debit card or credit card in virtually any online casino that has poker. This was a big victory for casino sites and poker sites as well. The casinos even started opening up new branches of poker brands which was great for players because it game them the ability to have variety and choices which only left the reputable brands. The passing of the UIGEA shook up the poker rooms forever, but some good did come out of it. Brands like bodog opening up a friendly opportunity, the birth of Bovada where players now have a full casino, horses and a poker room too.

The Future of Online Poker

Online poker players have some really great things ahead of them, now more than ever there are bills on the tables of many different government officials in several different states. In Nevada, the bill has already been passed to allow online poker rooms to be run from around the world. Of course, several casinos have signed up for their licenses and one has already had theirs granted with the very first online poker room to be opened which has attracted more players than ObamaCare. New Jersey and Delaware have also passed laws to allow online poker within their states. Some of the states are looking into partnering with others too. The future of online poker is bright and sunny.