Poker Hands and Terminology

Poker terms

Poker, like any online gambling game, has its own terminology. The terms used by poker players don’t just apply to the hands in the game, but also the way the games are played. Below is a very brief guide to the hands of poker games, and what a few of those often heard “terms” mean.

Basic terminology

Occasionally in poker, a few other terms will be thrown around. The suit is the shape appearing on the cards; it will either be black clubs, black spades, red hearts, or red diamonds. A wild is a card that can replace any other needed by the player. A flop is the dealing of the first few cards, and the community cards are the cards shared by all players, in the center of the table. Finally, a deuce is another name for a two, and to fold is withdraw or surrender your cards early, if you are beaten.

There are of course, many more terms too, but you’ll learn those in time!

The low paying hands

It is important to know the ranking of the hands, so we’ll start from the least profitable hand first, the Pair. A pair is the lowest paying hand, and consists of two cards of the same numerical value. In many poker games, the lowest pair accepted will be a pair of Jacks. This hand is beaten by a Two Pair, which consists of having two sets of pairs. This hand can be beaten by a Three of a Kind, which can be the lowest accepted hand in some games. If the player has a Three of a Kind, then they have three cards of the same numerical value in their hand. A Straight will beat that, and it is achieved when a player has all of the cards in numerical order.

The high paying hands

The first of the really high paying hands is the Flush. If a player has a Flush, then they have all five cards in the same suit. A Full House trumps that, and if a player has a pair of identical cards (numerically), and three more numerical cards of the same value, then they have a Full House. For example, a pair of 3s and three 5s would be considered a Full House. Four of a Kind beats that, and in order to have one, the player needs to line up four cards of the same numerical value in their hand. The Straight Flush is the second highest hand, and consists of having all your cards in the same suit, and in numerical order. This hand is beaten only by the Royal Flush. In order to have a Royal Flush, the player needs to have 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit.

Additional hands

If wilds are inserted into the deck, a few new hands become available that wouldn’t be accepted in standard poker. Such hands include Five of a Kind (four of a Kind plus a wild), a Wild Royal Flush (with one or more cards replaced by wilds), and Four Deuces (four 2s, if 2s are wild). Finally, in some poker games, a High Card may act as the lowest paying hand, and it simply means that whoever has the highest single card wins.