Oregon is a great place to live if gambling is your idea of entertainment. Players from this state have many different kinds of gaming options available to them starting at 18 and over. In Oregon, you have a large population as well as a large state filled with gorgeous trees and an abundant amount of things to do there.

Gambling in Oregon, similarly to what happened with their neighbors at the north, Washington, has been growing organically, evolving from social games to the current situation which includes the most type of gambling and multiple casinos.

Gambling History

The first steps of gambling in Oregon were given with horse and dog racing. Dog races took place from 1933 to 2004 at Multnomah Stadium, and lack of interest was the reason why they no longer exist. Horse racing and OTB are options that are still available in the state though.

Licensed poker clubs had a big impact in the state gambling scene when they were introduced in 1973. Even today that are still 15 establishments offering poker play, something that has been of high interest from the citizens of Oregon.

Despite this, both poker and horse and dog racing have been losing their space to the strong competition of the 9 casinos that exist in Oregon, which have begun to appear after 1988 when the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) was approved in the state.

The IGRA allowed the federally recognized tribes to operate and build casino properties, what resulted in the existing 9 casinos, but funny enough each one is practically from a different tribe, except for the Three Rivers casinos, which are owned by the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians of Oregon.

The casinos in Oregon offer most kinds of gambling, but there is a catch about the slots, they are technically video lottery terminals, even if in practice the difference is hard to be found. The purpose of this is that these slots are a legal extension of the state lottery and it’s under these terms that they are made available.

Geographical issues

The main problem for the tribal casinos existing in Oregon is that Portland, the largest city, is at the northern end of the state, away from the reservation lands, which leaving Portland residents distant the casinos, considering the closest is Chinook Winds, more than two hours away.

The fact that Portland is close to the Columbia River, which makes the border with Washington, means that The Last Frontier Casino, in La Center Washington, is the closest casino to Portland, just 26 miles away from the city center, while the UBET casino, also in Washington, is also just one hour away.

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs from Oregon have tried to build a resort off-reservation lands closer to Portland, in the Columbia River Gorge, back in 2013, but the attempt has failed and currently, there is no tribe or other entity trying to do it.

This doesn’t mean that the citizens of Portland have any problems accessing gambling because apart from the Washington casinos nearby there are still available six poker clubs, more than in another city of the state, and which include clubs like Aces Full, Final Table Poker Club or One Good Hand – Claudia’s.

Summing up types of Gambling Found in Oregon

In Oregon, you have about nine different casinos to choose from. These Vegas-style casinos will bring players gaming types of table games, slots, card games, specialties and much more. The gaming presence here began as far back as 1984 when the lottery was first established. Players who were 18 and over were eligible to buy tickets to try and earn jackpots twice a week.

From there, scratchers were then made available where players would buy a ticket, use a coin and scratch off the numbers to see their prize, instantly. It wasn’t until 1994 when the first Native American casino was opened. Players from within this state can visit land-based casinos legally at age 18, but some of the casinos don’t allow players who are under 21.

Online Gambling

Online gambling reflects the situation that exists in many states, even if it’s not forbidden, it’s not legal either, and there aren’t any ongoing legislative movements to change this situation, something reinforced by the fact that the creation of commercial casinos in Oregon was recently rejected.

There is the exception of horse race betting, which in Oregon is legalized for online play, and also the pari-mutuel offering like 123 Pick N Pools or Racing Roulette that suggest that the development of online gambling in Oregon might follow this route.