Oregon is a great place to live if gambling is your idea of entertainment. Players from this state have many different kinds of gaming options available to them starting at 18 and over. In Oregon, you have a large population as well as a large state filled with gorgeous trees and an abundant amount of things to do there.

Types of Gambling Found in Oregon
In Oregon, you have about nine different casinos to choose from. These Vegas style casinos will bring players gaming types of table games, slots, card games, specialties and much more. The gaming presence here began as far back as 1984 when the lottery was first established. Players who were 18 and over were eligible to buy tickets to try and earn jackpots twice a week. From there, scratchers were then made available where players would buy a ticket, use a coin and scratch off the numbers to see their prize, instantly. It wasn’t until 1994 when the first Native American casino was opened. Players from within this state can visit land based casinos legally at age 18, some of the casinos don’t allow players who are under 21.