Pinocchio 3D Slot Review
Reels: 5
Lines: 15
Features and Bonus Games: 6

Mister Geppetto and Pinocchio are waiting to watch you build up your coins playing the Pinocchio 3D slot machine. This game design is pretty amazing and it wouldn’t be surprising if the great woodcarving Geppetto had a hand in creating the precise detail! This game only has 15 paylines but the possibilities to win big are endless because of the amount of features and bonus rounds that can be triggered at any time. The “double up” feature is also available if you want to increase your standard payout or scatter winnings after you bet. This feature is available on any winning bet excluding re-spins and free spins. If you choose the double up feature, you will have the option to pick either heads or tails in a coin flip. If you win, you will double your winnings.

Unlock Real Boy Mode
Each time a tiny real boy symbol occurs on the lower corner of the symbol, it will be collected and added to a bucket. If you collect 5 of these real boy symbols, the real boy mode will be trigger. All Pinocchio symbols are “wood boys” during the regular gameplay but during the real boy mode, he will transform into a “real boy.” During this mode of play, the “real boys” will be wild for all symbols except for the Books symbol, Wagon symbol and Scatter icons. This is just another fun feature that increases your payout chances.

Fairy Respin
Let the fairy give you a second chance! If there is ever a no-win situation where reels 1, 2 or 3’s stopping position prevented you from earning a 5x combo (except real boy symbol), the fairy will appear to help out. The fairy will trigger the respin that will give you a second chance at landing a winning combo. This one respin is free to you and won’t affect your credit balance.

Wild Scroll Features
Receiving a Geppetto symbol on reel # 3 will trigger this feature and during this time, the scroll will move across the screen from right to left, respinning each reel as it goes across. This is another free respin can earn you some new and exciting wins. The cool thing is that more than one wild scroll can be activated at once!

Receiving the Books symbol on reels 1,3 and 5 will also activate a different type of wild scroll feature. This time, the symbol will turn to wild and respin all of the reels it landed on to help increase your winnings.

Receiving a Wagon symbol occurs on the middle reel after payment of your winnings for that spin. The wagon symbol will also turn into a wild scroll that will remain wild for 5 complete respins that are also free to you.

Changing Worlds
When you first start playing on the Pinocchio 3D slot machine, you are in Pinocchio’s primary world called the “Workshop.” During normal play, the Wagon symbol and the Books symbol may appear on reels 2 and 4. When this happens, the symbol will be collected in a bucket. Earning 10 Wagon symbols during your gameplay will trigger the “Stage” world. Collecting 10 Books symbols will trigger the “Classroom” world. Either one of these new worlds will result in you receiving 8 free spins before being returned back to Pinocchio’s primary world.

Important Note: When you change your bet, anything collected will be reset back to 0.

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  1. pwarbi

    What stood out mainly on this one was the amount of bonus games that was incorporated in there. While nearly all the slots these days have around 2 or 3 to look out for, this as around 6 as far as I can see from the article and that’s something a bit different right there.

    When it comes to the bonus games though, I think there is a split opinion with some people preferring just the basic playing format whereas others will deliberately look out for slots with extra bonus games so this might not be to everyone’s liking depending on what you’re opinion is on the matter.


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