Progressive Slot winner receives over $17,000,000 payout from Microgaming

An online slots player from the UK recently hit what all of us dream of, the jackpot of a progressive slot that has been peaked for a long time.  The slot in question was appropriately names Mega Moolah.  For those who are not aware of how progressive slots work, and in particular progressive online slots, this may be your cue to start learning.

Progressive slots have a jackpot that keeps going the longer the machine goes without anyone winning.  In real-world casinos, progressive slots are often linked together mainly so customers don´t fight for a seat at the slot with the highest jackpot, but also they are linked so the jackpots grow more rapidly and get to higher amounts, which attracts more customers.

It is this second reason that makes progressive slot machines so attractive for online casinos.  Not only are the slots linked at the casino, so every player playing the same slot machine will build the jackpot for that slot, but the casinos are often linked together, so you can have hundreds of players from multiple casinos all working together to build up a huge jackpot, which is what happened in the case of the player who won $17M.

One of my favorite Microgaming casinos is The Lucky Emperor.

One thing to be careful of when playing progressive slots is that they very often are excluded from promotions, deposit bonus matching money and even some VIP programs.

Many of those very same promotions will push you towards slots with low play-through wagering requirements, but not allow progressive slots to be played.  Be careful of the small print of your online casino because it would be a crime to win a progressive slot machine jackpot and then afterward find out it was disallowed because you used promotional money to win.  Some casinos prevent you from using promotion money, but other casinos actually will let you win, then not grant the cash-out.   So it is important to always read the terms and conditions of promotions… especially if you plan on gambling on progressive slots.