Realtime Gaming continues the move toward mobile, online games

In the past year, Realtime Gaming has been updating its´older games to allow them to be played through websites and on mobile devices rather than just through the downloadable application.   Realtime Gaming, which is one of the earliest pioneers at providing online casino games, has gone back through the library of games only available as a download and is updating the most popular games.  Back in the earliest days of online casinos, games were not available for mobile devices, and there were security concerns about allowing games to be played through a browser, so most casinos operated by requiring the player to download a computer application that ran the casino games.   But obviously because of the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices, as well as more techniques to make website flash games secure, having to download a program to your desktop seems very archaic.   But rather than just retiring these older, earliest games, Realtime Gaming has gone back and given them a face lift.

The two old but popular games that have been refitted for mobile and website play are Double Ya Luck and Penguin Power.   Double Ya Luck has consistently been a favorite at Realtime Gaming Casinos because it features a very elaborate bonus level system which operates more like a board game that a slot machine.  But one of the biggest reasons Double Ya Luck has been popular is that it contains a progressive style jackpot in a game that is not a progressive slot.  Penguin Power is a much more traditional slot machine, but with a very cool theme that players seem to enjoy.  In addition, Penguin Power is famous for the liberal amount of free spins you can earn while playing it which greatly increases the playtime of most bankrolls.

But while Realtime Gaming is updating some of its´earliest games to work on new platforms, that is not slowing down their pace of releasing completely new games, with a good handful of new games just being released in the past few months.  One of the exciting things about developers such as Realtime Gaming is that they are constantly able to monitor player trends and quickly develop games that target what players want to be playing.  More and more slot machines are being developed with elaborate bonus phases that break the monotony of typical slot machines.