Roulette Online

How to Play Roulette

In the most basic terms, roulette is simply the rotating contraption that is used in the game with the same name. The game is done by spinning the said contraption and throwing a ball into it whilst it is rotating. The players will then wait for the ball to land on a particular figure once the roulette has stopped. The player who has wagered on the said figure where the ball has landed is declared as the winner. Although reading or watching the game alone would give one the idea that the game isn’t in particular a difficult one, the truth is said to be otherwise. Players must first fully grasp the different patterns that they can use in order for them to have a back-up plan if in case the ball lands on a different figure. Learning the different winning combinations is very useful in making the game even more exciting and thrilling.

The History of the Game

Historically speaking, roulette’s whereabouts can be traced in the early 17th century in France. During those times, a group of gamblers tried to create their own form of gambling using a wheel and a pebble. Historians, points out that because of this incidence, the development and evolution of the game to its modern-day form was realized. Although the original version is referred to as European Roulette, because of its influence to the American society, Americans came up with their own version which is referred to as the American Roulette. Both versions may have the same mechanics and rules, but there is one difference that one can easily point out just by playing the game: the European slot is numbered from 0 to 36 whilst the American roulette has 38 slots numbered from 0 to 36 as well with the addition of a double zero (00).

The Gaming Mechanics

The round begins after the players have already placed their bets on the figure or combination of their liking’. The roulette is then spun. Once the roulette has started rotating, the croupier will announce that it will not accept any bets or wagers any more. This is the signal for the croupier to throw the ball into the rotating contraption. Once the roulette has stopped, the croupier will be the first to check where the ball has landed. The croupier will put a dolly on the winning figure and the winners can then claim their prize whilst then chips of the losers will be taken away from them. The winning figure is referred to as the “hot number.” Technically, the winners are identified by the figure, color, or combination that can be associated to the hot number of the round.

Strategies and Pay-outs

  • Straight Up - this is a bet done on a single digit which actually pays 35 is to 1
  • Split Bet - this is a bet on two separate digits which usually pays 17 is to 1. This is realized by placing a bet on the line that straddles between two digits
  • Street Bet - this is also called the line bet which usually pays 11 is to 1. The player is to put his chip on the vertical line that separates the inside and outside betting areas
  • Quad Bet - is also called the corner bet which usually pays 8 is to 1. The player is to put his chip on the corner of the number he is betting for
  • Basket Bet - this pays 6 is to 1. It is done by betting on a five number wager on zero (1-2-3 and the double zero)
  • Double Street Bet - this pays 6 is to 1 and is realized by placing a chip on the line separating the inside and outside areas whilst it also straddles the row above and below the digits
  • Dozen Bet - this pays 2 is to 1 and is done by betting on 12 consecutive digits - the boxes labeled 1-12, 13-14, and 25-36. If in case a zero or a double zero comes out, the player loses
  • Column Bet - this pays 2 is to 1 and it contains exactly 12 digits in it. This bet on the other hand doesn’t have to be in consecutive pattern but can primarily be consist of tthe three vertical columns
  • Red, Black, Odd, or Even - pays an equal amount to the wager of the player