Sheldon Adeleson shifts focus from online gambling to renewable energy

Online Gambling and Renewable Energy have something significant in common, they both are enemies of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adeleson who has spent a decade and millions of dollars preventing online gambling from getting a foothold in Las Vegas.  But numbers being reported regarding lobby spending in Nevada are showing that in the past year, Adeleson is now spending more money lobbying against new renewable energy laws than laws against online gambling.  Nevada is considering a law that would require the state to produce 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.  It is hard to see Adeleson´s reason for opposing the bill since current technology, operating in sunny states such as Nevada should not affect energy prices for the casinos, especially given such a low threshold of 50% over the next 13 years.

There is some hope, probably naive, that Adeleson´s hatred of renewable energy or laws that require the use of renewable energy will take his focus away from online gambling, which he has almost single-handedly been able to thwart with every attempt.  Online gambling is a much more clear and present danger to Adeleson so it is unlikely the latest bill regarding renewable energy will be much of a distraction.   Adeleson takes one of the hardest stances against online gambling, refusing to acknowledge that online gambling can become an important revenue stream for tradition casinos, a stance that is seen by many competing casinos in Las Vegas and somewhat reinforced by the successful adaptation of New Jersey casinos to online gambling.   But as many in Las Vegas will testify, never underestimate the power of an old, cranky billionaire with half of the state government in his pocket.