Silk Road founder has life sentence upheld.

Online gambling has always been a legally murky area in many countries, especially in the USA where each state often determines its´own way of handling the future of gambling, with many states not even have a firm grasp on their own way of legislating normal gambling.  For many online casinos that operate or have customers in jurisdictions without clear laws regarding online gambling, it makes normal operations risky especially in regards to payments and banking in general.  For this reason, many online casinos are moving toward and promoting Bitcoins as a preferred payment system.  And for this reason, the recent court decision regarding Ross Ulbricht is important to the world of online gambling.

Silk Road was an online marketplace for illegal activity, the majority of which were drug-related, but as the FBI will point out it also was used for much more sinister things such as human traffic, child pornography, and even murder-for-hire.   This last part is paramount to the life sentence against the founder of Silk Road because not only was he accused of facilitating illegal drug trading and profiting from it, but as the investigation against him heated up, he was accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill key witnesses.  In the end, and after two years, the FBI was able to infiltrate the deepest layers of Silk Road and collect evidence against Ulbricht.

It also appears as part of the effort against Silk Road, the FBI was able to come up with reliable ways to track Bitcoin transactions which of course were the only payment system allowed on Silk Road.  This is significant for online casinos because while it probably takes a lot of effort, law enforcement and possibly tax officials would be able to track Bitcoin usage.  Fortunately, much of the world is gradually moving towards allowing online gambling, so there shouldn´t be much fear of even having to hide financial transactions with online casinos.