Single Deck Blackjack – Pros and Cons

The Pros and the Cons of Single Deck Blackjack

When you are starting out with the game of Blackjack, you don’t always recognize some of the terms that are so widely used. One of the terms will forever be embedded into your mind once you see it from here on out, single deck blackjack. This is said to be the holy grail of the game because it offers the absolute best chances of winning profits. Single deck blackjack is very rare, and with good reason because the fact that there is only one deck provides just a 0.15% house edge. While some players love the single deck games, others are skeptical, here is a look at the advantages as well as the disadvantages of playing single deck Blackjack.

The Pros

Clearly the best thing about playing this way is the 0.15% house edge. This puts the player at a ground level of playing field with the casino. Players will have a very small margin between the two. The chances of profiting this way are much higher than with the traditional six deck Blackjack. For this to be profitable to any player, you will want to check out the basic strategies for Blackjack before playing at a single deck Blackjack game to make the biggest chances for profit. Card counters love single deck Blackjack too because they are so used to six or eight deck shoes, this means that they are forced to sit and wait for favored card counting. The single deck has better opportunities coming around a whole lot sooner.

The Cons

For many, they feel like there aren’t any downsides to playing with a single deck however there is one issue that seems to come along with single deck games, often times we see that casino will offer them on the outside of their building to draw in a crowd yet when the players arrive, unfortunately the rules are so very strict that it’s hard to make even a buck due to the house edge being higher than it normally would be with a six or eight deck of Blackjack.

At worst, the house edge would be raised from the enticing .15% up to 1.45% which doesn’t make any sense to play since with the higher deck amounts, players will just have the house edge of 5% total. One of the other disadvantages to playing with a single deck of Blackjack is that players won’t earn many of the comp points which could also add up to the exciting prizes and free cash that many casinos offer. The casino won’t make a whole lot of money off of players who choose the single deck Blackjack so they won’t reciprocate with great comps and perks either which makes sense ultimately.