Starting slow with online gambling, penny slots

I came across this casino in my travels and it made me wonder why there aren´t more casinos set up for casual, low risk type of players.  It is obvious from the free game sections at Facebook and Google that free online casino games, especially slots and video poker are very popular and you would think that online casinos would be making more of an effort to covert those free players into players who come to a real online casino and bet real cash.   But that transition is tough because most online casinos generally promote themselves to the high-rollers offering big promotion bonuses of deposits of $1000 and promoting tournaments that require huge amounts to be wagered.  I guess that business model makes sense, but so does Winaday Casino´s plan of marketing to casual players who don´t want to have to make a huge deposit and don´t want to have to wager $1 or more on every spin of the slot wheel.

There is more to attracting casual players than just penny slots, Winaday Casino also offers minimum deposit and withdrawal limits of only $25 while most online casinos require at least $100 for a cash-out.  Furthermore, the major promotion and origin of its name is a lottery that is made every day and does not require huge wagering amounts to be played ( like most tournaments), instead players are given a lottery ticket just by making any deposit within the last week… which means if you make a deposit, you have seven days in which you can win.  And here is the thing, not only does Winaday Casino offer all of these special promotions aimed at casual low-bid players, they also provide a ton of options for high-rollers similar to any other online casino.

As we talked about, the biggest draw for casual players to Winaday Casino are the penny slots which simply creates a longer playing time for your money.  With some bad luck, a $25 deposit at a typical online casino could be burnt through in only a few minutes.   With Penny slots, even a small deposit will give you hours of fun playtime.  Bit it isn´t just slots, Winaday has low minimum bets of only $.10 on almost all of their available games including blackjack, poker and video poker…. which really makes it the perfectly transition from free Facebook and Google games to real online casinos.

The transition to real gambling is important because when you play casino games with fake money, it just does not teach you or get you used to the emotional effects of winning or losing real money.  So while those free games are great for teaching the mechanisms of games, anyone who has ever played free poker vs real poker will tell you that there is a world of difference.   If you are a person who enjoys the gambling on free sites, an online casino like Winaday Casino will give you a cheap way to find out if real money gambling is for you.