The 1-3-2-6 Betting System Strategy

Another Blackjack Betting System, 1-3-2-6

Since the game of Blackjack is all about the numbers, it almost seems fitting that this betting system is just numbers in the name. The system sounds complicated at first glance however, it really isn’t and players will grow to love this option if they are into the different betting systems such as Parlay or Martingale. This string of numbers betting system works great for those who like a little bit of risk for a big return if successful.

The Strategy
This is a numbers driven way to play a betting strategy with Blackjack, for this particular system you will bet one unit, three units, two units and then six units on winning bets only. After a loss, you start your bets back at the one unit and work your way up. So with each of the different bets, you will only bet one after each loss so the blow doesn’t seem as hard when it comes to the betting system and losses. After you’ve left the table and you decide to return, you would then go back to the one unit bets at first.

Need an Example?
You start out making $10 bets, the second bet would be $30, the third would be $20 and the last bet would be $60. Once you complete the sequence, you start back at $10 again to start it all over again. On the other end of the spectrum from a loser’s point of view, if you win a $10 bet and the $30 wager but then lose the $20 bet, you would go back down to the $10 bet and start over again.

Whether or not this system is effective is something that you will decide upon yourself. With the game of Blackjack being a game of odds it is really hard to tell if the system will work for everyone. The player could simply hit the tables at the perfect moment where they will hit a lucky streak and make some big cash. Casino players will have the same house edge when playing this game no matter how they bet so the chances of hitting better numbers are the same.

My take on Blackjack systems? I prefer to switch it up, a new system each time if the bankroll permits. I play for fun, a little extra cash is always nice but at the end of the day, I prefer to play the game to learn new things and the betting strategies just seem to really add to the fun and excitement of the game overall. This betting strategy can be used in both land based as well as online casinos.