The Labouchere Betting System

The Labouchere System in Blackjack

Betting systems range in a variety of different levels of difficulty. Some systems are very simple to figure out, others take math skills and other skills in order to make them work. Often times, counting cards in conjunction with using a system is the best way to turn a big profit. The Labouchere system does take a little bit more skill and explanation to utilize at the casino. The system isn’t too difficult to figure out but it does call for some explaining. This is what the Labouchere system is all about:

How the system is designed and works; Step number one, players will need to think about the end result, how much will they profit from the session in total. Set a number, decide beforehand how much you want to walk away with when it comes to your winning limit. Come up with a string of betting numbers that will add up to that number based on the bet sizes. Say you want to reach $100, and you are making $5 bets, your number string would look something like this; 1, 2, 3, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1.

In total, this will add up to twenty units in total when multiplied. When it comes time to create your number sequence, it doesn’t matter how the string looks as long as you add up to the $100 you are wishing to walk away with. You must hit your desired number at the end in order to make this system work. Each unit is your $5 bet so if your first bet is worth two units, you are sending out $5, if you win that bet you will cross off the last two numbers and move on to the next wager, if you lose the bet, you will add the total number of units back to your number string.

The Labouchere betting system is different in terms that players are not bound to the negative or positive system style, they can switch it up and either be negative or positive. Most players like free-down however, since this system can be quite intimidating, most players don’t really make it to the tables with their number string and actually follow it in order to reach their win amount.

Players typically like the fact that they can make negative bets first or last, whichever they prefer for the most part. This hybrid betting system is a great way for players to get out there and really make the game of Blackjack exciting and fun no matter how slow of a night it has been at the casino. Often times, the players who are interested in making this option work, they will have the ability to use it while playing online so that they can get the hang of it before sitting down at a table among other players who may just be there for the fun of the game.

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