The Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale Betting Strategy

One of the most talked about betting systems is the Martingale Betting System. This Blackjack friendly way to play is alluring to many. The seemingly sure fire way to win strategy just keeps players coming back for more. The strategy is known by many both beginner and seasoned types of players. Some love it, others don’t care for it because it entails being a big risk taker and for some, when it comes to their money, this does not work for them. The strategy does call for some big money up front, so be sure to come to the tables with at least that.

Unlike the Parlay Betting System, the Martingale Betting System plays off of when a player loses. The game of Blackjack is an odds game and sometimes, the odds are stacked against us. But like all good things, all bad things must come to an end as well. The Martingale betting Strategy is there for when the bad streak ends. The strategy is this; make larger bets each and every time you lose a hand. A deeper look at this strategy entails this; if you bet $25 and lost that bet, you would then put up $50 on the next bet, followed by $100 IF you lost each of those bets. Each time you win, you will revert back to your original losing bet of $25 to keep the winnings that you have.

When playing using this strategy it is important to focus on the positive gains made while you are winning hands since you are doubling the losing hands. Each time you win, you are wiping out the previous loss on those hands to recover the moneys lost and even have some extra. Sometimes we end up hitting a losing streak, and this is where it is important to set limits for yourself. Whether you set limits for your wins, losses or your bets, you will want to set some kind of goal to get up and stretch your legs, this keeps the game of Blackjack fun.

The Martingale Betting System is the most risky of them all. Simply because you have such high hopes for each hand knowing that at some point, you will lose but then again you will double the bet and once again you are back to hoping for the best. Often times we hit bigger losing streaks but if that losing streak ends in a win, you may have just hit your winning goal and it’s time to get up and go walk around on a break before heading back to the tables.

Playing the game of Blackjack is risky as it is however, for those who want to involve a little bit more risk, this is a great option. For those who like to play it a little bit safer, there is the Parlay Betting Strategy as well as others that aren’t quite as well known but are making their rounds in the gaming communities.