The Parlay Betting System Explained

The Parlay Betting System

There are many different ways to play Blackjack. Arguably, the game is known widely as a game of odds and with a twing of skill (or luck as most would have it) you could have a game to bring the money home in a big way. Since the game is fairly simple, there have been numerous systems invented to try and give the player a better edge. Since the game is played against the house, most of the time players will be looking over their shoulders to ensure that casino staff doesn’t identify them as doing anything fishy. If you’re a player that likes to utilize online casinos, this strategy might just work and work well.

The Parlay Betting System has been around for quite some time and is one of the more extreme Blackjack strategies out there. The reasoning behind this observation is because you will be betting double each time you put down some chips after every single win. With that noted, it can be difficult to keep profits at times, but when a big win is achieved, you more than likely have enough and are ready to walk away from the table. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s also known on other games to be called the Let It Ride system as well. Many times players will read about this type of system and head out to play right away because frankly, it is very enticing.

Often times, when we head to the casino, we have a “win limit” before we even sit down at any kind of table. We have a number in mind of which we will stop at when we hit or exceed that particular number. With the Parlay Betting System, you can’t really have a win ceiling set into place since you will be doubling your bets each and every time you win. Of course, you have the option to walk away at any time.

For players who do want to go ahead and set themselves a win limit, a realistic goal at first is usually very attainable. The downfall to that is this; once you’ve hit your goal, your winners luck could run out at any time, when this happens your bank roll of winnings could dwindle rather quickly. There are many different ways to make bets when playing games like Blackjack. Personally, I bet high or low depending upon my own intuition. With that being said, I’ve never really won too much from the game because I tend to always put it back in for entertainment purposes.

This is what the Parlay Betting System would look like on paper for a reference point:

$10 win
The next bet would be $20
The next bet would be $40
The next bet would be $80

This is a quick and easy way to get to $150 should the odds be on your side.

Like setting up a winning goal, you should always set up a loss goal or a bet goal. These are entirely different as you could imagine. The loss limit would be where you set up how much you could possibly lose in a game. The bet limit is where you decide how many bets you are going to place before you decide to head to another table / game etc. These are to help you maintain control of your gaming and only use Blackjack for entertainment.

The downsides to using the Parlay Betting System?

In order to rake in the profits, wins would need to be consecutive. Sometimes this isn’t the case and a player will hit their loss limit rather quickly. Sometimes we enter a roll where we do hit winnings each and every time, however this is unlikely and doesn’t happen very often. In either of these scenarios, a player can end up over-playing which could land them in a tough spot, or even worse, they might not have fun, and that is what Blackjack is all about right?