The Perfect – Perfect Pairs Bet

The perfect pairs bet might sound enticing to players of beginner skill levels however, among enthusiasts, this bet might not be all that it is cracked up to be. With a higher house edge, the bet might actually set the player back quite a bit when playing the game. Here is some information on the perfect pairs bet and why it isn’t always the best thing for a Blackjack player to come across.

Rules of the game
LIke standard Blackjack, the rules are very similar. The only difference is what happens with the perfect pairs bet. The game is played normally but there is a twist. This is where you can make a perfect pairs bet on the side of your original bet. The perfect pairs bet will need to be the same amount as your standard bet. So you will be making a standard bet as well as a perfect pairs bet too. For example, if you are making a $10 bet, the perfect pairs bet will need to be at least $10. In order to win, you will need to get a pair with the hand that is dealt to you.

Depending on the specific pair that you receive, the payout will differ. This is what the payouts look like;

Mixed color and suits (Js-Jh) = 5:1 payout

Same color, mixed suits (Js-Jc) = 10:1 payout

Perfect pair, same color, same suit (Js-Js) = 30:1 payout

Why you may want to decide against the perfect pairs bet
Some might think that the perfect pairs bet is a great side wager, those who love the game of blackjack know that the house edge is around 6% which brings it up quite a bit leaving the player little room to win over the house. When it comes to the long run, players won’t want to make this bet if they are looking to turn a profit ultimately. For the most part, this type of bet should only be made for entertainment purposes only as a win can be quite rare with that bet. If you need to justify why you won’t want to make that bet, you can make larger bets in the typical game of Blackjack or you could just play for longer periods of time.