Three Less Popular Blackjack Cheats

Blackjack cheats can be used during game play in land based casinos. If a player is caught utilizing any of the methods below, they could face some steep consequences. It is advised that our players not use these methods and use this article simply for entertainment and educational purposes only. The world of Blackjack has evolved tremendously over the years and while we love the game, there are some ways that players like to enhance their experience. Here are some of the most common ways that players cheat in land based casinos when playing Blackjack.

Spooking in Blackjack is really only for the highly skilled players as it is a tougher way to cheat. The art of spooking is actually a team effort. This is where one of the team members will stand in a way that they can see the dealer’s hole card. (most often behind the dealer) When the card is being lifted, the player behind the dealer will let another player at the table know what he has. Without being obvious, it is very hard to see what a dealer has so this method isn’t even attempted by many players.

Card Switching
This method is also very hard to execute as video surveillance inside of casinos these days is pretty top notch. Players will hide their cards in their sleeve and switch them out when the dealer isn’t looking. Also, this can be done as a team effort where the players will switch their cards among one another again while the dealer is not looking. While this wouldn’t be difficult ten or twenty years ago, now casinos have staff as well as video recordings rolling constantly to keep card switching at a minimum.

Card Bending
For this option, players will have to invest some time. You simply bend the cards so that the next time they are shuffled through the deck, you know what they are before they are dealt. Players will simply put a small bend in the corner of the card which will tip off the player. With this method, most dealers are trained to look out for things like this so they don’t actually work out really all that well with dealers since they remove the bent cards from the deck right away.

Another way players will try to come up on some extra wins is to get in good with the dealer. Often times the initial contact alone could get the player banned from a casino if they don’t already know the dealer. This method of playing is not only risky but could cost a dealer their job over just a few dollars that are kicked back from the player’s bank in wins.