Tri Card Poker Online

How to Play Tri Card Poker

From its name alone, Tri Card Poker is deemed as a complicated game that may beginners tend to fear or dread playing it. However, once the principles of this game have been fully grasped, it is obvious that Tri Card Poker is a breezy game that is easy-to-play and follow. Yet no matter the difficulty of this game, it is still quite undeniable that it has gained a lot of patrons throughout the years of its existence. Many players point out that the thing that makes it all worth it is the fun and thrill it is capable of giving every player. Furthermore, since it involves massive jackpots and prizes, the game has become a must-try. The perfect way master the game is of course learning the basic mechanics and strategies involved in it.

The History of Tri Card Poker

Though unbelievable-sounding, Tri Card Poker originated from the once-popular British game called “brag.” In its earlier form, the game was even referred to as “primero” since it is a rather fast-paced game. Later, it was developed into a more complex game and was renamed “post-and-Pair.” In addition, since this name was considered long to be a name of a game, it was simply called “brag.” this led to the game being referred to as Brit-Brag to emphasize the country where it originated. However, since the name sounded very imposing, the Germans simply called it “pochen” while the Americans called it the Tri Card Poker, which is the same name that it has adopted up to this day.

The Gaming Setup

The game is played using a single deck of cards. What’s unique about this game is it involves two separate games that are played simultaneously. The first game is the Play/Ante game. This is the round where the player is trying to beat the dealer by having a high value hand. The second game is the Pair Plus game where the player is wagering against the chance of receiving a pair or not. While several casinos simply allow a single bet done for both games, there are those that require players to bet separately for each game. At the gaming table, the players are asked to place their bets on their respective betting circles. The top circle is for the Pair Plus game whilst the other one is for the Ante and Play game. There are two separate betting circles for the Ante and Play, respectively. A shuffling machine comes in handy for the game to go fast yet smooth all the same.

The Gaming Mechanics

At the start of the game, the different players are tasked to put their bets on the circles found at the table. The bets should be equal or greater than the minimum amount set at the table. Once the cards are shuffled, the dealer will deal out three-card hands to every player. The first player is the ones staying at the right side of the dealer and the rest will simply follow in suit.

The Betting Options

To play the Ante/Play Game, the player must place his bet on the Ante and Play circles found at the table. If the player puts his bet at the Ante circle, he has the option of folding his cards or pushing them for the win. If he bets on the Play circle, then this means that he is willing to play the round. Both wagers should be equal. Once all of the players at the table have made their decision, the dealer will put out his three-card hand and show them to everyone. In order for him to play the game, he must have a high-value card such as a queen. If in case, he doesn’t have any of these, he is said to lose right away, and he should pay for the Ante bets and return the or Play bets as well. On the other hand, if the dealer has one of the high-value cards, the players must compare their cards to the dealer’s hand to specifically determine whether he wins or loses depending on the value of the cards he received. If he wins, both his Ante bet and Play bet will be paid for by the dealer.

If in case, the player has gained a pair, he can proceed to the Pair Plus game. If he has a high-ranking pair, he may put his bet on the separate circle that is intended only for the Pair Plus game. If the player’s pair has a greater value than that of the dealer, he wins, if not, he loses.

The Value System

  • Straight Flush - three consecutive cards that are belonging to the same suit
  • Three of a Kind - three cards of similar value but are of different suites
  • Straight - three sequential cards regardless of whether they belong to the same suit or not
  • Pair - two cards of similar value
  • High Card - any high-value card