Unusual Casino Games

Casinos make people rich, but they can also make them lose badly, and in order to appeal the biggest diversity possible of customers, casinos often create new games and promotions, but some games go beyond this and might reach the weird category.

Which games are we talking about?

Animal Games

If you are from Belgium, you have certainly heard about the Belgian Birdsong. It is as simple as it can get in the casino, you find birds in separate cages, and we get to bet on which of them will sing louder and longer. Instead of betting on the right horse, in this game we need to bet on the right bird.

Continuing in the bird area, but changing continents, this time going to Atlantic City, United States, we can enjoy the Chicken Challenge. In what consists the Chicken Challenge exactly Be prepared, we will actually be playing tic-tac-toe against the chicken, a bird called Ginger, and we can win up to $10,000, considering we have the skills to beat the chicken.

What about the Rodent Roulette This game does exist in several casinos worldwide. As we can imagine the game has quite a few variants, considering we have a rodent instead of a ball, but the game mechanics are pretty much the same we bet on a number, and if the animal decides to get to the hole with that number we picked, we win.

As simple as it gets games

Usually, when going to the casino we are looking for thrill and emotion, but there are others who prefer games as simple as they can get. In this category, and changing from animals to childhood, we have the card game we used to play as kids called War.

Many of us might still remember that never-ending game, but seeing it as casino table game is something we did not expect to happen. It is as simple as dealing one card to the players, and the player with the highest number wins. A draw makes war happen, and the winner gets all the cards.

As this is a never-ending process, casinos made the war game as a one-time deal, meaning, higher card wins it all. Therefore, War is back in all its power – with a twist -, and it is available in most casinos these days. Great to play when we really do not want to think much.

Another simple game is the Money Wheel. Also available in every single casino, all we need to do is make a bet and spin the wheel. If we guess the place where the wheel will land, we get the prize.

Finally, the last game on this category is the Dreidel, usually played on Hanukkah time as a seasonal game. Casinos have also introduced the twist of making this living room game into a cash game, and spinning the top will make the magic happen.

These games are some of the reasons why casinos are so popular these days. Not only they offer Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and all the other mainstream games, but they also offer Chicken and Rodent games, as well as childhood memories, appealing in this way to every potential player.