US Gambling in Louisiana

Louisiana, the Child of the Mississippi is a relatively smaller state with just 51,000 miles of land which ranks 31st in the nation as far as size. In population, it lands right in the middle with about 4.6 million residents. There are several spoken languages in this state including English, French, Spanish and other dialects that are targeted for that region. Louisiana was the 18th state admitted to the union back on April 30th 1812.

Types of Gambling Found in Louisiana
There are several different casino types available within the state. Louisiana has a great gambling presence. It can be deemed as one of the more open states for gaming of all types. Currently, there are more than twenty different casinos to choose from, all close in proximity to different cities. Gaming for this state requires players to be at least 21 or over to enter and play in a land based casino. Pari-mutuel racetracks are also something that is found around the state where players can start betting at just 18 years of age. There are just 14 states within the union which do not allow a lottery to be used, Louisiana is not one of them. The lottery for Louisiana welcomes players at 21 or over. Lotteries are popular because they offer the state more revenue for school systems and other public programs.

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