USFantasy Adding More Locations In Nevada

USFantasy offers a service that allows land-based gaming venues to capitalize in on the fantasy sports world by giving players a physical location to place bets on professional sporting events. Players can place wagers on professional football, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball games, and Nascar races. USFantasy, whose headquarters is located in the state of Nevada offers fantasy wagering contests that are based on skill and has a performance-based scoring system.

USFantasy Uses A Pari-Mutuel System

A Pari-Mutuel System being utilized means that all bets are placed in a pool that are of a certain type. The odds in the payoff are calculated by sharing the pool among all of the winning bets. This sort of betting is different from fixed odds betting where the payout is agreed upon at the time of the bet being sold. The final payout when using the Pari-Mutuel system, which was invented back in 1867, is not determined until the pool is actually closed out. People prefer this type of gambling because you are betting against other gamblers as opposed to going up against “the house”. Pari-Mutuel wagers are legal in all states with the exception of Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Utah.

How To Place A Bet

The currently featured contest headed by USFantasy is called Million $ Seven and is the only contest in the state of Nevada where entering with just $1 can reward you with a million dollar payout. Outside of the featured contest, players can go to any authorized location where USFantasy offers its services and make a more common Win/Place/Show single selection bet. Some of their locations include Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, The LINQ, Harveys Lake Ta, one and Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. Other options include multi-selection contests which are more difficult to win however, the payoff is drastically higher. The multi-athlete selection requires strategic skill because you have to be able to select at least two athletes to finish in a particular order. While the ability to check stats etc. is available on the USFantasy website via your smartphone or wireless device, you must place your bets in person.

With USFantasy adding more locations in Nevada, the company now services a little over 40 locations in the state. They currently operate under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Gaming Control Board but hope to expand to other legal jurisdictions in the future.