The Beehive State of Utah comes with a rich history which begins with Mormon settlers. The state is known as the Beehive State because the Mormon settlers carried swarms of bees as their armor.

Utah is home to about three million residents. In terms of the size of the nation, Utah is the 13th largest state with 84,000 square miles of area. Utah is a land of surprises, here there is a city name Levan which is in the middle of the state, Levan is actually navel spelled backward so it makes sense.

No Gambling History

Utah doesn’t have any gambling history because all gambling is strictly forbidden in the state. There aren’t many states so consistent refusing any form of gambling like Utah: legalized gambling doesn’t exist. There is a law covering gambling though, but it’s the criminal code “Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals”.

Summing up, not even the lottery is legal in Utah. Social casino games like Big Fish or Zynga are available on Facebook and mobile, but even these could be considered against the law and subject to fines.

Playing any kind of game that has a real-world reward is considered a violation of the law. This is explained with the Mormon heritage in the state and their life philosophy and faith, which is free of alcohol, gambling, and even coffee.

We need to go back almost 100 years to find legal gambling in Utah, which in fact existed between 1925 and 1927, the brief period when pari-mutuel gambling was legal. From that point on, all the gambling legislation proposals have been rejected.

Types of Gambling Found in Utah and nearby

The sole exception In Utah regarding legal gambling is the charity bingo casinos, which are paired with dining facilities. This is a loophole which the companies will work around in order to give the bingo players of the state a little action.

Within Utah, players will need to purchase bingo tickets along with their dinner in order to play. Some of the places that offer this type of gaming are; Riverdale Dinner & Bingo, Annie’s Dinner & Bingo Club & Southgate Dinner & Bingo. Players will have some traveling to do when looking for these venues as there are just three, but they are placed in different regions of the state.

Any other attempts to legalize gambling further have been rejected, and even bingo’s legality is based on a scheme that what is charged is the food, so technically bingo is free.

Most of the population in Utah live at the north of the state, with the biggest seven cities just under 100 miles away from each other, along Interstate 15. Being North Arizona, Las Vegas or Colorado just too far from most people in the state to gamble across the border, Idaho is the go-to place for the lottery, and Nevada, West Wendover, the destination for the casino players.

This city is just 125 miles away from Salt Lake City, and being a small town with 5.000 residents, has no more any less than 5 large casinos with over 10,000 square feet, three of these casinos have over 40,000 square feet, more than the evidence that there is a big demand for gambling in Utah, as most player there come from the state.

Gambling being illegal in some states means that other states receive the money that their citizens cannot spend, and this happens here as well, as Utah citizens just go play on neighboring states, mainly in one of the five casinos in West Wendover.

Apart from this option, Utah residents don’t have many hopes for the future, as the recent crackdowns on illegal poker games just suggest even greater enforcement is happening, so things will not be changing anytime soon.

Curiosity: In most states online gambling is on a gray area, meaning that it’s not illegal, but isn’t legal either. This is hardly the case in Utah, where online gambling is explicitly banned, and this law from the state criminal code goes as far as saying that even if online gambling happens to become legal on a federal level, in Utah will remain illegal. Can’t get any more hostile in what concerns gambling than in Utah.