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This casino has been removed from our main casino section. This is usually due to a review being outdated, the casino changing ownership, or going out of business. At this time we can no longer recommend this online casino. Please visit one of our top online casinos below or find a suitable replacement.
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Updated: September 2nd, 2018

Vegas Strip is apart of a large group of online casinos that have generated an alarming number of player complaints due to slow payment of player winnings. In most cases, online casinos are utilized to win money and if that isn’t happening only because the casino won’t pay out, that’s a red flag and since multiple players have conveyed this information, Vegas Strip is unfortunately on our not recommended casino’s list. Further down on this page, there are a few online casinos that we recommend instead.

In the world of online casinos, there are upsides and downsides. One thing that rings true is the fact that no two casinos are created equally. Players at this casino are urged to continue their search when looking for a quality reputable casino for their gaming needs. This casino does have some good things about it but for the majority, the reasoning it’s on the bad list is just unacceptable. This casino has been known for no payments to players, slow payouts and poor customer support for those who are seeking some form of tracking for the payments owed to them.

Vegas Strip Casino Gaming

Though the casino has a bad reputation for its business practices when it comes to the financial aspect, the casino offers one of the best gaming software choices available. Real Time Gaming, also known as RTG is one of the top online casino gaming companies for players in the United States. Here, you will have over 125 different gaming styles which give you the ability to sign up and either download the casino or utilize an instant play version of the software. The downloaded casino operates out of a full screen mode, so to make things easier the software has a full version of the site built right into the gaming software to prevent players from having to toggle back and forth. The alternative option is instant play. This version gives players on Mac or PC’s the ability to play here without having to download. This type of gaming operates right through the browsing window in a light weight version of the software.

Vegas Strip Casino Banking

Here is where you will run into issues when playing here. The casino will take your deposits immediately and put them into your banking account within the site. Players who want to process a cash out will have issues with delayed payments as well as missing payments all together. Here, you will be able to make deposits using your Visa, MasterCard or NETeller account depending on what country you currently reside in. When withdrawing your winnings, you will have the choice to either use your eWallet as a withdrawal method or a check.

Vegas Strip Casino Review

Unfortunately, this is a casino to take caution with. We urge players to head to a different casino all together because of the slow and non-payment issues experienced by players. There are several five star casinos available with the same great gaming software to be explored.

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