What effect will a Trump presidency have on online casinos?

For those of us who spend a lot of time involved with online casinos, the prospects of what will happen with a Trump Presidency is kinda like listening to Vizzini from the Princess Bride trying to decide from which cup of wine to drink.  There are cases to be made on both sides, so let´s take a look at some of the major considerations without making our heads spin.  And who knows, maybe just like Vizzini, it won´t matter which side with think is more likely to happen.

The most obvious, in your face fact, is that Trump is a casino guy.  It is where he made his name ( literally, in 100-foot letters).   So at the very least, we are getting a President who is not morally or ethically opposed to gambling.  With a Republican candidate, there is always a chance that you might get one who has religious or moral objections… but that won´t be the case with Trump.

But on the other hand,  Trump owned and operates physical casinos.  There is obviously some competition between Vegas-style casinos and online casinos and a person big into boosting profits for physical casinos might think hindering online gambling as a viable tactic.  This becomes even more important because some of the biggest owners of casinos are large supporters of the Republican Party, and so will have a lot of access to a Republican White House, Republican House of Representatives and Republican Senate.  For now, they appear to be more focused on using their influence to get tax cuts rather than putting the online gambling competition out of business.

Another potential problem area could be the transfer of money electronically.  During the primaries and general election, Trump has brought up an electronic transfer of money in two different regards.  The first is with terrorism where he hinted that more restrictions needed to be placed with how money can be moved over the internet.

The other issue was with immigration, where he proposed putting more restrictions of money being sent via wire transfers into and out of the USA.   Any new laws regarding the electronic transfer of money could cause some ripple effects with online casinos similar to how some parts of the Patriot Act still cause issues for many online gamblers.

One early indicator we will have on how Trump plans on dealing with some of these issues is his choice of Attorney General.  This will let us know how aggressive Trump plans to be from the executive branch about instituting his policies.  A strong, aggressive ally who is a big Trump supporter will let us know Trump plans on doing most of his policies from the West Wing, while a more conservative, scholarly AG means he plans on pushing legislation through Congress to achieve his goals.

The USA is a major part of the economy of online gambling.  Any real restrictions with online gambling on US Citizens could have a huge effect on the playing experience and availability for players throughout the world.