Who knew how much 8oz gloves would change gambling

The historic fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conner McGregor has had all the twist and turns of a daytime soap opera over the last few years when rumors of the fight first began to appear.  In the early days, the fight was dubbed the ´Fight that has to be made´ just because of the insane amount of money everyone knew it would bring for everyone involved, or as McGregor would call it, ´red panties night´.    But once the fight was actually made, the odds-makers were put into a difficult position of placing odds on such an unusual event.  The early, and still prevalent, conventional wisdom is that Mayweather is too good of a defensive fighter to be hit by an amateur boxer and that Mayweather will either make it an easy 12 round decision or score a KO by scoring a huge number of weak punches.

But in their efforts to sell PPVs, both fighters seem to be doing their best to make this appear as it will actually be an exciting fight with an unpredictable outcome.  In recent weeks, Mayweather has made remarks about having lost a step or feeling slower than in the past, along with making comments about the respect he has for McGregor´s one-punch power.  At the same time, Team McGregor has leaked video showing the UFC champion roughing up, and knocking down former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi.  This came along with a series of planned interviews here UFC fighters seem to go out of their way to praise the intelligence and power of McGreggor.

But nothing has moved the odds as much as the recent decision by the Las Vegas Boxing Commission to allow the fighters to fight with 8oz gloves rather than the 10oz gloves required for fights above 147lbs.  If the betting is any indication, gamblers view this as a major win for McGregor.  The thinking is that the gloves will make McGregor´s power much more likely to land a knock-out.   But most people familiar with boxing feel the change in glove size is a wash as it also gives Mayweather larger gloves to hide behind.  Most fighters will tell you that smaller gloves do not really give you an advantage in power, it only increases the amount of damage you do to your own hands throughout the fight.

The odds are still heavily in favor of Mayweather.   But what started as -1100 has suddenly been reduced to -500 which means a thousand dollar bet still only wins you $200, but that is much better than the less than $100 that would be paid to the winners when the fight was first announced.